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Transforma Insights User Group

The Transforma Insights User Group is an engaged and informed member community, connecting business leaders who spearhead digital transformation strategies and enterprise change management.

Benefit from access to insightful qualitative reports, on-demand insights and case studies providing you with the information you need to optimise people, processes, and new technologies.

Member profiles

Bringing together executives who are leading digital transformation, implementing change management strategies and adopting new technologies.


The user group is sector agnostic and amalgamates a variety of knowledge and expertise, to fuel business and career goals.

Job titles

Typical job titles for members of the User Group include: Chief Digital Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Technology Officers, VP/Director/Heads of Digital Transformation, Engineering, Innovation, IT, R&D, and Technology.

Membership of the User Group is open to any professional executing Digital Transformation/ Innovation/ R&D or Technology strategies within their own organisation, and involved in the build, buy, adoption, or implementation of new technologies. Technology products, solutions or services vendors can subscribe to Transforma Insights regular research services.

What to expect

Members are provided with an extensive range of educational materials and networking opportunities providing tangible learnings, laying the foundations for ongoing conversations to build meaningful partnerships.

Content comprises recorded presentations from industry leaders in organisations including Coca-Cola, GE Appliances, GSK, and Rolls Royce and also a range of Transforma Insights documents covering the basics of each DX technology (technology 101s) and in-depth analysis of specific key topics in digital transformation today.

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The Transforma Insights User Group welcomes any executive involved in enterprise Digital Transformation or change management and trying to achieve innovation and digital resilience at scale. Our coverage spans data strategies, cloud and edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and issues related to their implementation and much, much more.