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Our analysts will participate in the following events. Contact us to arrange a meeting or if you would like our analysts to speak, moderate or chair your event.

Upcoming Events

Telecoms World Middle East

Matt Hatton will participate in a number of sessions at this major Middle East telecoms conference, including speaking on IoT partnerships, AI and the changing landscape for telcos.

WHEN: 2022-05-24 to 2022-05-25
sector: ALL HyperconnectivityInternet of ThingsArtificial Intelligence

Debate: Sustainable Networks are More than Just Energy Efficient

Jim will host a panel discussion focusing on sustainable telecoms networks. In many countries, telecoms networks account for 3 to 5% of total energy usage, and with expected growth in cellular coverage, density and capacity only drastic changes in energy efficiency will prevent digital infrastructure being a leading carbon emitter. While a business case for reducing energy costs has supported a focus on energy efficiency so far, this is very different from suggesting that the networks are sustainable or even carbon-neutral. Should the industry continue to focus its priorities on energy efficiency? If not, how does it find a balance (and financial justification) between energy efficiency and a broader sustainability?

WHEN: 2022-05-24
WHERE: Virtual
Information & Communication HyperconnectivityInternet of ThingsArtificial IntelligenceEdge Computing

LoRaWAN World Expo

Jim will present on the topic of 'LoRaWAN Enabling Sustainability' on the morning of Day 1. The LoRaWAN World Expo is the largest LoRaWAN event worldwide, and this year will focus on how LoRaWAN is advancing global sustainability, increasing efficiency & driving ROI.

WHEN: 2022-07-06 to 2022-07-07
WHERE: Paris
sector: ALL HyperconnectivityInternet of ThingsEdge Computing

The Things Conference

Matt will address this LoRa-focused IoT show on the subject of "What’s the prognosis for the public LoRaWAN market?"

WHEN: 2022-09-22 to 2022-09-23
WHERE: Amsterdam, Netherlands
sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity

Connected Things: Living on the Edge

Matt will speak at this prestigious IoT event on the theme of edge computing, including a look at the various types of 'edge', market forecasts and expected market dynamics.

WHEN: 2022-11-11
WHERE: Boston, US
sector: ALL Internet of ThingsEdge Computing