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JUN 13, 2024 Total Telecom
Total Telecom

SGP.32: A reality check on the latest remote SIM provisioning standard

Until 2016, cellular connected devices were authenticated onto a network using a removable plastic SIM card. This wasn’t particularly appropriate for many IoT use cases, which required a more ruggedised form factor. The Machine Form Factor (MFF, now MFF2) or ‘eSIM’ was launched, comprising a chip soldered onto the circuit board of the device. This drove the development of the capability to change the SIM profile through a mechanism other than physically swapping out SIM cards. That mechanism is Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP), i.e. remote over-the-air switching of profiles on the SIM card.
JUN 12, 2024 IoT Now
IoT Now

SGP.32 Remote SIM Provisioning: why it needs to be delivered as a managed service

The SGP.32 (“IoT”) standard for Remote SIM Provisioning, unveiled by the GSM Association in May 2023, offers a more streamlined and user-friendly mechanism for enterprises to manage connectivity on their cellular devices. Building on the earlier SGP.02 (“M2M”) and SGP.22 (“Consumer”) standards, it addresses many technical limitations in supporting constrained devices and simplifies the process of switching connections between operators.
JUN 11, 2024 IoT For All
IoT For All

Transforma Insights Study Provides a Reality Check on the SGP.32 Standard

Transforma Insights has published its free Transition Topic Position Paper, sponsored by Eseye, ‘Key considerations for Enterprises looking to adopt SGP.32’. The SGP.32 (IoT) standard for Remote SIM Provisioning was unveiled in May 2023, promising a more streamlined and user-friendly mechanism for enterprises to manage the connectivity on their cellular devices.
JUN 04, 2024 IoT Now
IoT Now

The critical role of memory for the adoption of AI in industrial applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has burst on to the scene in a big way and the technology is diffusing out of data centres and into a wide range of distributed locations, enabled by more capable processors and more innovative algorithms. But other enabling technologies will need to keep pace, or risk becoming bottlenecks.
JUN 03, 2024 Built In
Built In

IoT Security is a Challenge. Here’s How to Tackle It.

The Internet of Things has transformed how we live, work and interact with the world around us. With more than 17 billion connected devices today, from smart thermostats in our homes to intricate sensors in industrial machinery, this network is vast and continually growing.
MAY 14, 2024 RCR Wireless News
RCR Wireless News

‘Not a hockey stick, and never was’ – but IoT market to more than double in 10 years

The number of active IoT devices will more than double to 40 billion by the end of 2033, according to IoT analyst house Transforma Insights. Short-range IoT technologies will account for 73 percent of the total by the end of the period; cellular IoT connections, mostly on LTE-based NB-IoT and LTE-M (and related technologies), will account for most of the rest, with about a 19 percent share of the total. The total IoT market will be worth $934 billion, it said.
MAY 13, 2024 Mobile World Live
Mobile World Live

Cellular IoT connections to reach 7.5B by end-2033

Research company Transforma Insights predicted cellular IoT connections would increase from 1.9 billion at the end of 2023 to 7.5 billion over the next decade, but noted just 1.1 billion would use what it deemed full 5G.
MAY 13, 2024 CIO Bulletin
CIO Bulletin

Global IoT Connections Set to Soar to 40 Billion by 2033, Transforma Insights Report Reveals

Transforma Insights' Latest Report Unveils Explosive Growth in IoT Market, Predicts Revenue Surge to USD 934 Billion by 2033.
MAY 10, 2024 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

Global IoT connections forecast to reach 40 billion in 2033

Transforma Insights has today published its report ‘Global IoT Forecast Report, 2023-2033’ which provides the industry benchmark of the status of the global Internet of Things market.
APR 30, 2024 IoT For All
IoT For All

Trends from MWC Barcelona 2024: Why They Matter

MWC Barcelona 2024 again delivered four days of vibrant discussion and networking, convening industry leaders, and attendees across the mobile ecosystem to discuss trends. With over 90,000+ attendees, it showcased how the telecoms sector can grow as an ecosystem and leverage the opportunity within the convergence of many technologies now catalyzing digital transformation with IoT, AI, and ML – through devices, services, and experiences.