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NOV 17, 2021 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

Moving ‘up the stack’ in IoT is easier said than done for CSPs

A previous article on IoT Business News, shared a recent assessment by Transforma Insights of the trend towards ‘$1 IoT’, i.e. that price erosion means that there is a very real prospect of a prevailing pricing model, at least for low bandwidth IoT devices, of $1 per year for cellular connectivity. In the face of this trend, connectivity providers need to adapt their strategy.
NOV 12, 2021 Enterprise IoT Insights
Enterprise IoT Insights

Old habits, new tricks – IoT turns a corner (plus five IoT lessons from those in the know)

A new report by analyst house Transforma Insights for IT hardware and services provider Oracle says enterprise IoT adoption has turned a corner, and gained some newfound maturity.
NOV 12, 2021 IT Brief Australia
IT Brief Australia

Enterprise adopters of Internet of Things want easier path

Enterprise adopters of the Internet of Things are ready to take an easier path, shows a new Oracle survey.
NOV 11, 2021 AiThority

Survey Highlights Key Components To Provide Enterprises With An Easier Path To IoT Adoption

Oracle study of 800 global IoT adopters agree that prioritizing commercial off-the-shelf solutions and bundled connectivity are the way forward. The survey, conducted with Transforma Insights, also indicates a sea change in how IoT providers are designing and deploying, reflecting increasing productization and platformization in this space.
NOV 11, 2021 Onalytica

An Interview with Matt Hatton

Matt is Founding Partner at Transforma Insights. He is a well-respected commentator and technology industry expert with over 20 years of experience at the cutting edge of technology research and consulting. He is a thought-leader in Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things.
NOV 10, 2021 Oracle

Survey Highlights Key Components to Provide Enterprises with an Easier Path to IoT Adoption

Enterprise adopters of Internet of Things (IoT) are ready to take an easier path, shows a new Oracle survey. Of the 800 IoT decision-makers polled, nearly two-thirds (64%) would opt for an ‘off-the-shelf’ IoT solution over a custom-built offering, indicating a market shift in the way enterprises are buying IoT offerings.
NOV 08, 2021 Tech Company News
Tech Company News

Transforma Insights – Technology Research Advisory Firm Focused On The World Of IoT, AI And Digital Transformation

Below is our recent interview with Matt Hatton, The Founding Partner at Transforma Insights:
NOV 03, 2021 Vanilla Plus
Vanilla Plus

Digital Transformation: It’s critical, but not all serious

In the latest Trending Tech podcast we discuss the hopes in IoT for enhanced security and more efficient, lower cost operations. What role will be played by eSIM, iSIM, remote SIM provisioning and subscription management? And to tell us who’s adopting the tech and why, we have expert input from Loic Bonvarlet of IoT security enabler Kigen, and Matt Hatton from analysts Transforma Insights.
NOV 02, 2021 AiThority

New Transforma Insights Study Ranks the Leading Global IoT Communications Service Providers

Latest report from leading IoT industry analysts, Transforma Insights, highlights the need for Communications Service Providers that are serious about addressing the Internet of Things to pivot to being Hyperscale IoT Connectivity Providers. Vodafone ranks as the top global IoT CSP.
NOV 02, 2021 MarketScreener

Enea Wins IoT Innovation Award at World Communication Awards 2021

"The key in this category was to bring real innovation in the market, and this is what Enea does", said Matt Hatton of Transforma Insights, who presented the jury's motivation.