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APR 18, 2024 | Matt Hatton

AI and IoT: a symbiotic relationship critical to meet enterprise needs

In this article, Matt Hatton considers the ways in which the latest technology hot topic, AI, and the last, the Internet of Things, have lots in common and are inextricably linked in terms of supporting enterprise transformation. Numerous applications – which is what enterprises really care about – will rely on both, and organisations focused on either will in many cases need to understand the other.
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APR 15, 2024 | Matt Hatton

Global cellular IoT connections top 3 billion at end of 2023

Every quarter Transforma Insights' analysts collect cellular connections figures for dozens of operators. At the end of 2023 the number of connections for the top 37 operator groups almost hit 3 billion, and is well in excess of that figure when allowing for other operators not included in those top ranked operators.
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APR 11, 2024 | Jim Morrish

Introducing Transforma Insights Sector Focus Pages

The technology industry is alight with talk of digitally transformative technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), data sharing, distributed ledger, 5G connectivity and more. But, as always, it is only when end-users deploy solutions that leverage these technologies that digitally transformed industries will materialise. So, what will be the real-world impact of new emerging technologies?
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MAR 19, 2024 | Matt Hatton

The IoT State of the Nation - Matt Hatton at Mobile World Congress

In February 2024, Transforma Insights' analysts were very involved at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Amongst the engagements was Matt Hatton speaking at the 5G IoT Summit on the state of IoT. He looked back over the last 10 years and considered the key 'Transition Topics' that are affecting IoT today, including regulation, non-terrestrial networks, 5G, NB-IoT/LTE-M and commercialisation.
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MAR 11, 2024 | Matt Hatton

IoT Global Awards highlights interesting shifts in IoT

The winners of the IoT Global Awards were recently announced, highlighting some of the brightest and best of Internet of Things providers, across vertical solutions areas and horizontal technologies. In this blog post Matt Hatton, one of the judges, explores how, as ever, the award winners illustrated some of the more interesting changes occurring in IoT.
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MAR 07, 2024 | Suruchi Dhingra

GSMA Open Gateway: transforming networks into service enablement platforms

Suruchi Dhingra reviews progress with the GSM Association's Open Gateway APIs initiative. At MWC Barcelona 2024, the GSM Association (GSMA) opened the keynote presentation by sharing the progress on the Open Gateway initiative that it launched in 2023, describing how the mobile industry is unlocking the potential of commercialising network APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Many operators (including Orange, KDDI and Telefonica) showcased demonstrations of use cases enabled by network APIs at their stands during the event.
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MAR 07, 2024 | Brad Canham

Distributech 2024: AI takes the stage at power and energy conference

At the February 2024 Orlando edition of the Distributech conference the power and energy industry showcased the potential, and adoption limitations, of artificial intelligence (AI). At the event, industry giants like Duke Energy and GE Vernova lent weight to AI’s emergent role in addressing surging energy consumption needs. Moreover, on hand to facilitate the shift to AI solutions were custom AI solution vendors like Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey, AWS, HCLTech/Symphony as well as a host of AI scaleups. Read Dr. Brad Canham's summary of the event here.
MAR 02, 2024 | Matt Hatton

MWC 2024: the customer is not always right

Matt Hatton shares his perspectives on an intense week of meetings at Mobile World Congress, including thoughts on go to market strategies, 5G, regulatory compliance, products, Non-Terrestrial Networks and much more.
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FEB 06, 2024 | Nikita Singh| Joydeep Bhattacharyya

Delivery Robots: Automated urban delivery vehicles revamping the future of delivery

Transforma Insights’ recent report, 'Delivery Robots: 4.7 million automated urban delivery vehicles by 2032’ estimates that by 2032, the total number of delivery robots will reach 4.7 million and the market will grow at a CAGR of 64% between 2022-2032. This blog outlines the concept of delivery robots, explores their characteristics and key drivers, examines the evolving consumer perception of these robots, identifies potential obstacles to their market expansion, and delves into the pivotal role that e-commerce companies play in shaping their future adoption.
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JAN 29, 2024 | Matt Hatton

Critical IoT connectivity: a USD37 billion market in 2033

Amongst the thousands of different use cases that are supported by the Internet of Things, there are many that can be considered ‘critical’, either in terms of saving lives or supporting crucial organisational operational processes. In this article Matt Hatton, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights, explores the plethora of IoT applications that might be considered critical and the implications of application criticality for how IoT connectivity is delivered, as well as looking at sizing the market for critical connectivity.
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