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Custom Research and Consulting

Transforma Insights has unrivalled knowledge of the Digital Transformation landscape by virtue of the research undertaken to develop our market-leading decision tools. Some of our clients have specific requirements outside of the support offered by these products. If you have a requirement for support in any of the areas of Digital Transformation please get in touch and we will be happy to suggest how we can support you.

What can we do for you?

Some of the typical ways that we can support clients are as follows:

Enterprise Best Practice

We can support technology adopter enterprises with tailored strategic advice on their new technologies and associated commercial models, including reviews of technology adoption and vendor selection.

Executive Strategy Briefings

If you are seeking to educate executives on the latest developments in any area of Digital Transformation we can help, providing tailored on-site strategy briefings to bring you and your team up to speed.

Vendor Market Support

We support technology vendors with advice on technical and commercial best practice, including deep-dives on capabilities, market fit, go-to-market, and partnership strategies. Also due diligence for M&A.

Customised Market Forecasts

Every organisation’s market opportunity is different. Some of our clients appreciate a customised variant of our comprehensive market forecasts to reflect their particular capabilities and opportunities.

White Papers and Webinars

If you want to promote your company, our team is available to help. Typically, this involves producing independent white papers to help support your strategy or analyst participation in webinars.


Examples of recent projects

Below are a few examples of recent projects that the team at Transforma Insights has undertaken:

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