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Keep an eye out for The Evolving Enterprise

JAN 27, 2020 | Matt Hatton
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Transforma Insights is supporting with the launch issue of The Evolving Enteprpise, a new digital magazine which is focused on the real world application of new technoloigies like AI and Machine Learning.

Our contributions to the forthcoming launch edition include an explanation of Digital Transformation and all the constituent technologies, use cases and issues, a dive into AI and the potential that it holds and a Q&A with Matt and Jim about their views on DX.

If you're interested in answering questions like:

  • Where are the big opportunities in Digital Transformation?
  • Which verticals are investing in what technology areas?
  • What does everyone mean by AI and what's the difference between machine learning and deep learning?
  • What are the potential pitfalls in the use of Machine Learning?

Then the Evolving Enterprise will certainly be a very informative read. You can register your interest at .

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