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FEB 24, 2020 | Matt Hatton

Every company needs a C-level executive focused on Digital Transformation (and it should not be the CIO)

Having a CTO is a given for tech companies. If every company is now a tech company, surely they all need a CTO now, to do the things the IT department probably shouldn't.
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FEB 21, 2020 | Jim Morrish

AI and IoT grab the attention at Bosch Connected World

Jim Morrish attended Bosch's major event. He, and the other attendees, heard about its forwarding looking views on AI and a continuing evolution of IoT.
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FEB 14, 2020 | Matt Hatton

Vodafone positions its IoT pieces with a focus on know-how and scale

Vodafone's evolving approach to IoT puts one of our analysts in mind of Independence Day (the movie, not the holiday).
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FEB 07, 2020 | Jim Morrish

Financing IoT

Today Calisen Group floated on the London Stock Exchange. It's success offers some potential learnings for financing IoT.
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FEB 06, 2020 | Jim Morrish

Achieving scale in IoT

The Internet of Things will see greater take-off with the emergence of specialist scale platforms better able to drive out the complexity of the horizontal elements of IoT.
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