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JUN 28, 2021| Matt Hatton

Nokia launches a textbook version of a data exchange platform (but with a few unusual features)

Nokia recently launched its 'Data Marketplace' as a way to allow multiple parties to exchange data (particularly IoT data). In this blog post Matt Hatton summarises a recent report on the capabilities and prognosis for the platform.
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of ThingsData Sharing
JUN 23, 2021| Matt Arnott

Everynet Announces Extensive US LoRaWAN Network Rollout

Everynet’s new LoRaWAN network represents a crucial step for the long-term success of the technology and the adoption of LPWA devices. This blog delves into how the network will shape the development of the LPWA market in the near future.
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity