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FEB 09, 2023 | Matt Hatton

Security and MVNOs are big winners in IoT Global Awards

Matt Hatton shares some perspectives on the results of the annual IoT Global Awards, and the trends that they demonstrate.
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FEB 08, 2023 | Nikita Singh

Digital transformation in the manufacturing industry is driven by IoT

Transforma Insights recently published a report ‘Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Sector’, providing our view of the key areas of change within the manufacturing sector that are enabled by emerging digitally transformative technologies. This blog post examines some of the key themes.
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FEB 03, 2023 | Matt Hatton

A new taxonomy for the Internet of Things

In January 2023, Transforma Insights published a report ‘A new taxonomy for IoT reveals new roles and opportunities’ which looked at the changing dynamics in the Internet of Things and the implications for adopters, vendors and the wider ecosystem. In the first blog post based on that research, we examined the ‘9 key themes for the Internet of Things in 2023’ which are influencing the changing dynamics. In this blog post we look at the implications those changes (and more) will have on the ways in which IoT products and services are delivered, and specifically the taxonomy of vendors in the space.
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