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Digital Twins are entwined with Digital Transformation initiatives finds new Transforma Insights report

JUN 16, 2020
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Transforma Insights today published its Digital Twin Key Topic Insight Report examining technologies, market dynamics, use cases and best practice in this critical technology field.

Digital Twin is not one of Transforma Insights’s selected ‘DX12’ technologies, however digital twins are a key enabler for many DX solutions. Indeed it is impossible to develop and deploy any digitally transformative solution without considering the concept of a digital twin.

In this report we highlight the different types of digital twin, and how these can interwork in real-world situations. Any single asset can have an almost limitless number of digital twins, each optimised to support a specific use case and/ or context and/ or user.

The report also addresses emerging topics, such as modelled environments and incremental materialisation, AR/VR integration and digital product testing and provides a vendor landscape.

Author Jim Morrish commented: “The concept of digital twin is intimately entwined in any digital transformation initiative, however there is much more complexity ‘under the hood’ than might be expected. Digital twins are defined in the context of a use case, or use cases, and are optimised for purpose: there is no such thing as ‘the’ digital twin for any asset, rather any asset can have ‘a’ digital twin to support a specific use case, or use cases.”

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