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New independent study rates Transforma Insights as one of the most influential analyst firms for IoT

NOV 30, 2021
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New survey from CCgroup PR rates Transforma Insights as the most influential Internet of Things analyst firm amongst OEMs such as auto makers and healthcare device manufacturers, and sixth overall.

Transforma Insights ranks #1 most influential for IoT amongst OEMs

A survey of the IoT community undertaken earlier this month by B2B technology PR firm CCgroup rated analyst firms based on their influence in IoT. Overall Transforma Insights rated sixth in the survey. Amongst one of the three identified categories of participants, “OEMs”, Transforma Insights ranked as the number one most influential firm. The OEMs category includes manufacturers of embedded devices which are then sold on to end-user organisations, including car manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers.

Commenting on the results, Founding Partner Matt Hatton commented: “After less than two years of operation, and hamstrung by COVID curtailing our ability to travel, these results are breath-taking. The CCgroup survey shows that we at Transforma Insights have incredibly rapidly established our value, particularly amongst the critical OEM segment.

IoT decision-makers value analysts

The report overall highlights the importance of analysts in the decision-making process for vendor selection: 32% of IoT buyers use analyst reports for information about vendors, 43% use industry analysts to identify and shortlist vendors, and 31% state that most purchasing decisions involve industry analysts, a figure which increases to 43% for OEM organisations.

Jim Morrish, Founding Partner said of the findings: “Clearly we see this as a massive vote of confidence for the outstanding research that we’re doing in IoT. We have the most granular IoT forecasts available, the best analysis of the vendor community, extensive vendor selection tools, and market-leading understanding of the technology and market trends shaping the Internet of Things.

Where to access the report

The free, full report includes extensive analysis of IoT vendor approaches to marketing, the buying journey, vendor awareness, and the main key influences of buying decisions. It is a must-read for any vendor of IoT products and services. Free to download and access, the report is available from the CCgroup website: ‘How Can IoT Technology Vendors Successfully Market and Sell to Buyers?’

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