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Transforma Insights joins Responsible Computing consortium as ‘Groundbreaker’ Member

MAY 10, 2022
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Today at IOT Solutions World Congress, Object Management Group® (OMG®) announced Responsible Computing (RC™), a new consortium comprised of technology innovators working together to address sustainable development goals. Responsible computing is a systemic approach that addresses current and future challenges in computing, including sustainability, ethics, and professionalism, stemming from the belief that we need to start thinking about technology in terms of its impact on people and the planet.

Transforma Insights has joined Responsible Computing as a ‘Groundbreaker’ Member – a member since Day-1.

Technology plays an ever-increasing role across all industries and can unlock many benefits in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and wider society. But we need to be careful about deploying technology to make sure that we harvest the benefits without exposing ourselves to unintended consequences," said Jim Morrish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights. "AI deployed to support building automation can unlock significant energy savings, to name one example, but we need to ensure this isn’t at the cost of individual privacy. Transforma Insights looks forward to working with the wider technology ecosystem to ensure society gains the maximum benefit from new and emerging technologies.

"Responsible Computing aims to shift thinking and, ultimately, behavior within the IT industry and affect real change," said Bill Hoffman, Chairman, and CEO of RC and OMG. "We've made our manifesto and framework freely available, and we've asked every RC member to implement RC principles. Our goal is that someday every IT professional will adhere to RC principles."

The new consortium’s manifesto defines RC values to restore trust in IT by responsibly applying technology and by sharing experiences with other organizations. These values include sustainability, inclusiveness, circularity, openness, authenticity, and accountability.

The RC framework focuses on six domains of responsible computing, including:

  • Data centers – are designed and operated with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability, including using green energy and improving the handling and disposal of chemicals, toxic materials, and rare metals.
  • Infrastructure – monitoring the energy usage of products and technologies. Efficient and sustainable operations, including proper disposal of products.
  • Code – choosing code that optimizes environmental, social, and economic impact over time. Optimal code includes efficient algorithms, frameworks, and tools and predicts the future use of computing resources.
  • Data usage – the safe use of data will drive transparency, fairness, privacy, and respect for users.
  • Systems – that address bias and discrimination by driving equality for all, for example, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for transparency.
  • Impact – the technologies and innovations that drive a positive impact on society at large such as building to improve human conditions and mitigate social risk.

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