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Webinar: 7 ways to harness AI, IoT and other disruptive technologies for competitive advantage

JUL 06, 2020
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On the 30th July, Transforma Insights analysts Matt Hatton and Jim Morrish will run a webinar to help enterprises react to the challenges of ever-accelerating technology disruption.

Technology is transforming companies and markets like never before. Sectors as diverse as agriculture, manufacturing, retail, financial services and healthcare are going through more rapid change now than they have in the past 50 years courtesy of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Edge Computing, and Robotic Process Automation. Large numbers of companies are engaging in a ‘Digital Transformation’ to harness these technologies for their competitive advantage. Every company must be tech-savvy to an extent that has never been seen before. No enterprise can afford to be left behind in the next wave of technological revolution.

This radical change is fraught with challenges. Organisations need to understand how the market landscape will change, which technologies they should focus on and how they can best harness them for their own purposes. That’s where Transforma Insights comes in. We help enterprises to understand how new technologies will change the markets in which they operate.

Join us for a webinar on the 30th July to learn more about how to maximise your opportunity and minimise your risk from these seismic changes. In the webinar we will use 7 real-world examples to illustrate how organisations ought to approach deploying new technologies, tackling topics such as horizon scanning, project prioritisation, implementation best practice, potential pitfalls and internal change management.

The session will be presented by Jim Morrish and Matt Hatton, two of the world’s leading technology industry analysts focused on Digital Transformation using technologies such as IoT and AI.

The webinar replay is available HERE as a replay.

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