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JAN 27, 2021

Enterprises will spend USD13 billion on Robotic Process Automation in 2030, but demand will decline with greater native automation

Transforma Insights today published its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology Insight Report 2021, which examines the evolution of this small but critical element of digital transformation, and one of the first ways that many enterprises will experience simple machine learning/AI. This blogpost includes our top level RPA forecast and perspectives on RPA market development.
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JAN 19, 2021

New Transforma Insights forecast reveals more detail of the connectivity used to connect the Internet of Things

Technology evolution and the growth of LPWA necessitates a different approach to forecasting IoT technologies. This is aptly demonstrated by Transforma Insights’ new Hyperconnectivity forecasts which provide ultra-granular views on adoption of 5G, LPWA and all other IoT connectivity technologies.
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