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Autonomous Road Passenger Vehicles: A market slowed down by uncertain regulatory environment and high cost of hardware

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  • Suruchi Dhingra
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This report summarises the status and forecasts from the Autonomous Road Passenger Vehicles Application Group found in the Transforma Insights Connected Things IoT forecast. The report provides a description of what is covered in the Application Group, as well as top-level figures from the forecast that provide detail on how many connected devices will be installed, the types of communication technology used and the total revenue opportunity. Full details are accessible through the TAM Forecast tool

This report provides Transforma Insights’ view on the Autonomous Road Passenger Vehicles market. This segment comprises autonomous vehicles primarily used to transport passengers on the road, including buses, coaches, minivans, and robotaxis, as well as private vehicles, which are capable of operating at Level 3 of the SAE levels of autonomy.

The Autonomous Road Passenger Vehicles market is an emerging market with several obstacles. There aren’t many self-driving cars driven by consumers as personally owned vehicles on public roads yet but early robotaxi services are already available in select markets. The path to large scale commercialisation and mass deployment remains challenging because of the need for technological advances, lack of comprehensive regulations, and the high cost of hardware. Development of vehicle to everything (V2X) infrastructure will play a significant role in the development of the autonomous road passenger market as it enables a level of communication and awareness of surroundings that will encourage safe operation of fully autonomous vehicles.

The report provides a detailed definition of the Autonomous Road Passenger Vehicles sector, analysis of market development and profiles of the key vendors in the space. It also provides a summary of the current status of adoption and Transforma Insights’ ten-year forecasts for the market. The forecasts include analysis of the number of IoT connections by geography, the technologies used (including splits by 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LPWA, short range, satellite and others), as well as the revenue split between module, value-added connectivity and services. A full set of forecast data, including country-level forecasts, sector break-downs and public/private network splits, is available through the IoT Forecast tool.

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