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IT & Other Office Equipment: 897 million connected devices by the end of 2032 aiding the future of hybrid working

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This report summarises the status and forecasts from the IT & Other Office Equipment Application Group found in the Transforma Insights Connected Things IoT forecast. The report provides a description of what is covered in the Application Group, as well as top-level figures from the forecast that provide detail on how many connected devices will be installed, the types of communication technology used and the total revenue opportunity. Full details are accessible through the TAM Forecast tool.

Report summary

This report provides Transforma Insights’ view on the IT & Other Office Equipment market. This segment comprises printers, scanners, fax machines, franking machines, network attached storage, common area displays, digital whiteboards, ticker machines, and other equipment used in an office environment.

Most of these devices are now being connected to provide greater operational efficiency to office spaces and reduce downtime in case of malfunctions. The rise in hybrid working has led to a shift in the use of these devices from office spaces to homes and leads to subscription-based business models to allow the smooth functioning and operation of these devices. Connectivity has played a key role in the development and distribution of these on-demand services such as automated ink and paper replenishment in the case of printing devices. However, the growing adoption of sustainability practices and the shift towards a paperless environment is expected to cut down on the usage of devices such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, and fax machines leading to a reduction in the use of multiple distributed devices.

The report provides a detailed definition of the sector, analysis of market development and profiles of the key vendors in the space. It also provides a summary of the current status of adoption and Transforma Insights’ ten-year forecasts for the market. The forecasts include analysis of the number of IoT connections by geography, the technologies used and revenue.

A full set of forecast data, including country-level forecasts, sector breakdowns and public/private network splits, is available through the IoT Forecast tool.

Key market developments in the IT & Other Office Equipment Application Group

The report examines key factors that are influencing the development of the IT & Other Office Equipment market, including:

Printing, Faxing, Franking, and Scanning

This section discusses how connectivity has altered the nature of IT office equipment like printers, fax machines, franking machines, and scanners. This section has been further categorised into:

Household Printing & Scanning

This subsection of the report primarily explains the features and advantages (such as remote operation) of connected modern household printers. It also discusses a few relevant products in this application such as the Brother HL-L2325DW Monochrome Laser Printer, which can print up to 26ppm, has a maximum capacity of 250 pages, and can be connected to both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks.

Photocopiers & Printers

This subsection engages in printing devices and photocopiers used on commercial premises. It discusses the principal reasons behind enterprises adopting network printing and the shift towards cloud printing and its associated advantages (such as automatic software updates). It also discusses some relevant managed print services (such as the HP Managed Print Services) and some of the relevant IoT deployments in this application (like Higgins Miller Solicitors implementing Brother’s Managed Print Services to optimise the process of printing and scanning confidential papers and digital documents).

Fax Machines

This subsection talks about the scope of fax machines (in terms of geographical variations) despite the growing use of email and other forms of digital media. It briefly mentions the distinct advantages of fax machines over emails, estimates the future of fax machines, and discusses a few product examples and their features under this category, like the Panasonic KX-FHD331 Plain Paper Fax machine, which is integrated with a telephone system and has printer and copier capabilities.

Franking Machines

This subsection of the report discusses the benefits of adopting digital franking machines, such as saving business organisations significant monetary resources. It also charts the reasons which have reduced the use of franking machines (like increased reliance on e-mails). A few examples of connected franking machines (such as the Quadient IS-280c Desktop Mailmark Franking Machine) have also been discussed here.

Common Area Displays

This section of the report charts how adopting digitally connected screens is changing the face of industries such as education, business, and entertainment. It also discusses the key benefits of these displays (like acting as self-service kiosks for booking office spaces) and mentions a few examples of different common area displays (such as Spacewell offering wall-mounted Meeting Room Displays to allow booking of office spaces and services on short notices).

Household Network Attached Storage

This section explains how household NAS (network-attached storage) functions, the connectivity technologies they rely on and the key benefits (such as being cheaper than cloud-based solutions in the long run) and challenges of deploying them (like lacking two-factor authentication security features when compared to cloud storage). It also mentions a few companies that offer Household Network Attached Storage Devices, such as Synology’s DS224+, a low-power consuming device that allows sharing, backup, and access of files, photos, surveillance videos and other documents.

Servers & Network Storage

This section talks about the principal reasons (such as data management purposes) and their related benefits that have enabled servers and network storage systems (both in-house and outsourced) to become an integral part of many organisations’ operations. This section also charts some of the relevant IoT deployments in this application, such as Taiwan-based company Fantasy Travels using ASUSTOR NAS to create storage and backup to consolidate its digital assets.

Specialist Equipment

This section of the report focuses on those devices that need to be inherently connected (like television production equipment). It discusses both the benefits of connectivity in such equipment (like location tracking and reduction of downtime) and the drawbacks (such as prohibitive costs), which may hinder their adoption. The report also briefly discusses some examples of specialist equipment (such as Sony HDC-4800 and Ticker Play Systems).

Market forecasts for the IT & Other Office Equipment Application Group

In the market forecasts section, we provide a summary of the IT & Other Office Equipment forecasts from the Transforma Insights IoT Forecast Database:


The report charts the growth in the number of IT and other office equipment devices (which grows from 599 million in 2022 to 897 million in 2032).

Transforma Insights forecasts are compiled on a country-by-country basis. This report includes a regional summary, showing splits between Australasia, Greater China, North America, Europe, Japan, Latin America, MENA, Russia & Central Asia, South East Asia, South Korea, India & South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Transforma Insights’ IoT forecasts include splits between the various connectivity technologies as follows: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G mMTC, 5G non-mMTC, LPWA (non-mMTC), Satellite, Short Range, and Other.

This section discusses which technologies will be used in the IT & Other Office Equipment Application Group.


This part of the report discusses the market growth in terms of revenue (module revenue, service wrap revenue, and VAC revenue). Transforma Insights estimates that the revenue in the IT & Other Office Equipment Application Group will grow at a CAGR of 1%.

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