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Virtual Briefing: The future of IoT Connectivity Management Platforms in an era of transition

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This Virtual Briefing provides insights on the IoT 'Transition Topic' focused on Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs). It will examine the market trends such as the explosion in the number of CMPs and growing demand for low-cost onboarding platforms, the evolving features and functionality covered by CMPs, and market segmentation, including the distinction between 'Thick' and 'Thin' CMPs.

Transforma Insights has identified a series of aspects of the Internet of Things that are going through a period of fundamental transformation. These IoT ‘Transition Topics’ are the subject of a series of reports identifying the key aspects of change and how organisations should position themselves to be best placed to realise the opportunities generated.

This Virtual Briefing addresses the Transition Topic related to Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs). Stimulated by changes in the vendor community and customer demand, there is a trend for operators to be more proactive in looking for alternative CMPs. This is particularly triggered by underlying requirements to find low-touch on-boarding suitable for addressing the prepaid IoT connectivity segment in a cost-effective way.

This Virtual Briefing highlights some of the recent research published by Transforma Insights, including a forthcoming IoT Transition Position Paper on the subject. It considers:

  • Key market trends, including the expanding range of CMPs, frustration with established vendors, new differentiation mechanisms, and the commercial drive for finding new more cost-effective ways to address IoT connectivity.
  • Features and functionality of CMPs, and particularly looking at the ways in which the types of functionality being delivered has expanded to include core networks, eSIM/remote SIM provisioning, advanced analytics, and (potentially controversially) managed connectivity itself.
  • Market segmentation drawing a distinction between the different types of CMP, including 'Thick' CMP with rich value-added services, MNO and MVNO Connectivity Platforms, and Connectivity Abstraction Platforms.


The webinar features Matt Hatton, Founding Partner of Transforma Insights, and Nir Shalom, CEO of floLIVE.

Replay and slides

The webinar is available as a replay below.

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