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Forthcoming webinar: A marriage made on the campus? Developments in 5G and private networks and how they come together.

  • Webinar
  • analyst
  • 5G
  • MPN
  • mobile private networks
  • private wireless
  • Matt Hatton
This webinar explores two of the key cellular technology themes: 5G and mobile private networks/private wireless, including looking at technology evolution, adoption trends and changing commercial models.

Mobile Private Networks (aka Private Wireless) is one of the hottest topics at the intersection of telecoms and IoT. This is not least because it is a leading focus for 5G IoT. This webinar draws on Transforma Insights’ extensive research on Mobile Private Networks, 5G and IoT to see how these three technology areas are intersecting.

The webinar will include:

  • Setting the scene: What is an MPN, what does it do, what architectures are included under the MPN umbrella (including network slices and dedicated networks), what are the advantages of using 5G (and/or 4G), and what are the competing technologies and approaches?
  • ‘State of the Union’: What is the status of MPN deployments today, looking at which geographies and verticals are seeing the biggest adoption, as well as which we expect to be the dominant ones in the future.
  • The economics of MPN: How much does it cost, what are the dependencies and how does that stack up against competing alternatives, including consideration of devices, network infrastructure and spectrum?
  • Winners and losers: The competitive landscape, including assessment of which of the numerous players that are currently fixated on the MPN opportunity will be the likely winners.

The webinar will run at 16.00 UK time.



    • Internet of Things
    • Hyperconnectivity