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Webinar: Are we nearly there yet? Annual update on Transforma Insights’ IoT market forecasts.

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On the 25th May Transforma Insights shared its annual update on the quantitative state of the Internet of Things, drawing on its highly granular and rigorously researched market forecasts.

How big is the IoT opportunity? How many billion devices will be connected? What use cases will dominate, and which technologies, verticals and geographies? On the 25th May, Transforma Insights analysts Matt Arnott, Matt Hatton and Jim Morrish provided our annual update on the quantitative state of the Internet of Things.

Transforma Insights has the world's most granular IoT market forecasts, built from the ground up by our dedicated forecast research team based on analysis of hundreds of different applications and their associated addressable market, current deployments, regulations, demand, and associated technology trends, alongside many other factors. Based on this deep and rigorous analysis we are able to build a comprehensive market forecast for IoT connections, technology splits and revenue, as presented in our IoT Forecasts.

In this webinar we shared our perspectives on all aspects of the IoT opportunity, including:

  • Which application groups and vertical sectors are dominating IoT today and in the future? Does consumer dominate enterprise? Which of agriculture, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, financial services, public sector or any others are the fastest growing?
  • Which technologies are used to connect IoT devices? This will include discussion of cellular generations (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G), Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies, new LEO satellites and the growing appeal of Mobile Private Networks (MPN).
  • Which countries are seeing the most rapid growth?
  • What is the revenue opportunity associated with all of these various elements of IoT?
  • And much more.

Replay and slides

The webinar is available as a replay below.

Below that is a 'Download report' link which allows the slides to be downloaded by any subscriber to our Essential, Prime or Corporate offerings.

Report and forecasts

We have published a companion report to the webinar, the 'Global IoT Forecast Report, 2022-2032' which is available to download. The full granular IoT forecasts are available via the IoT Forecast Database.

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