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Webinar: Forecasting the Artificial Intelligence market 2021-2030

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  • Jim Morrish
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Transforma Insights analysts provide our perspectives on the growth of the Artificial Intelligence market. We examining which are the leading use cases, which verticals will see greatest adoption, and which countries are leading the charge.

Artificial Intelligence (including machine learning, deep learning and more) is one of the key disruptive technologies today. Almost every enterprise is seeking to understand how it can harness AI to improve services, cut costs and boost productivity. At the same time the vendor community is trying to understand exactly how it will deliver and monetise AI. There has never been a greater requirement for clarity on how the AI market will evolve.

Forecasting the AI market

In early February 2022 Transforma Insights launches its Artificial Intelligence forecasts. Based on the same level of rigour as our ultra-granular IoT market forecasts, we quantify the market size associated with AI between now and 2030. The forecast looks not at revenue – this is an arbitrary measure that doesn't reflect the scale of adoption – but in terms of ‘AI instances’. This gives a unique insight into who is deploying IoT, where and why?

What is included in the webinar?

This webinar is based on the work undertaken for the forecasts, providing a summary of the findings, including:

- How did we build our forecasts? We explain the methodology and approach to understanding the market.

- What are the leading use cases? There are thousands of use cases for AI, including NLP, system optimisation, risk analysis and image processing. We identify their relative scale.

- Where will AI happen? We explore the split between AI happening in the cloud or at the edge, on both IoT and campus edge infrastructure.

- Which countries are leading the AI charge? Our AI forecasts are done at a country-level granularity allowing us to assess which are the leading countries for AI deployment.

- Which sectors are the earliest adopters and which will dominate in future? We examine the relative importance of financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and every other vertical sector.

What content is available?

The webinar is available as a replay below.

Below that is a 'Download report' link which allows download by any subscriber to our Essential, Prime or Corporate offerings.

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