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Digital Twin

    • Jim Morrish
    Digital Twin is not one of Transforma Insights’s selected ‘DX12’ technologies, however digital twins are a key enabler for many DX solutions. Indeed it is impossible to develop and deploy any digitally transformative solution without considering the concept of a digital twin.
    • ABB
    • Ansys
    • Autodesk
    • Bosch
    • Dassault Systemes
    • Industrial Internet Consortium
    • Microsoft
    • Rockwell
    • Data Sharing
    • Product Lifecycle Management

        Before and after: The potential impact of COVID-19 on the IoT market

          • Matt Arnott
          An overview and exploration of the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on IoT revenue over the course of Transforma Insights IoT forecast period.
          • GM
          • Volkswagen
          • Walmart
          • Amazon
          • Tharsus
          • Tesco
          • IATA
          • Internet of Things

              Global IoT Forecast Insight Report 2020

                • Jim Morrish
                • Matt Hatton
                • Matt Arnott
                The Internet of Things will comprise 24.1 billion connected devices generating $1.5tn in 2030. This report provides a summary of Transforma Insights' comprehensive IoT Connected Things forecasts.

                        Autonomous Robotic Systems Technology Insight Report

                          • Matt Hatton
                          The last few years has seen the rapid emergence of a host of machines that operate with varying degrees of autonomy, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and robots performing tasks as diverse as delivering takeaways, building houses, performing surgery and manufacturing just about anything.
                          • ABB
                          • Aerodyne
                          • Aeye
                          • Altizon
                          • Amazon
                          • Bright Machines
                          • Cyberhawk
                          • Delair
                          • Delphi
                          • DJI
                          • DreamHammer
                          • DroneDeploy
                          • Epson
                          • FANUC
                          • Farmshots
                          • Google
                          • Intuitive Surgical
                          • iRobot
                          • Kawasaki Robotics
                          • Kespry
                          • KUKA
                          • Lyft
                          • Measure
                          • Mobileye
                          • Open Platform Communications Foundation (OPC)
                          • Picterra
                          • PTC
                          • SAP
                          • senseFly
                          • Starship
                          • Tesla
                          • Trimble
                          • Uber
                          • Volkswagen
                          • Waymo
                          • Yaskawa
                          • Yuneec
                          • Zipcar
                          • Zipline
                          • Autonomous Robotic Systems

                              Webinar: Key Characteristics of IoT Projects: What Works, and What Doesn’t?

                                • Jim Morrish
                                • Matt Hatton
                                Transforma Insights partnered with the Industrial Internet Consortium to run a webinar looking at the experiences that organisations have had with their real world IoT deployments.
                                • Crysler
                                • Industrial Internet Consortium
                                • Internet of Things

                                    Product Lifecycle Management Technology Insight Report

                                      • Jim Morrish
                                      Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is extending rapidly from the traditional bounds of Concept and Design stages for a product, and into downstream Realisation and Service stages. Particularly impactful will be the increasing adoption of x-as-a-service concepts, which will unlock economic value and transform maintenance functions and secondary markets for a wide range of assets.
                                      • Dassault Systemes
                                      • Hexagon PPM
                                      • PTC
                                      • Siemens
                                      • Product Lifecycle Management

                                          Artificial Intelligence Technology Insight Report

                                            • Matt Hatton
                                            Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most cutting edge and potentially transformational fields of technology today. Developments in the field, aimed at imitating and even exceeding human intelligence, promise to revolutionise numerous fields within enterprises of all kinds.
                                            • Aeye
                                            • Amazon
                                            • Amazon Web Services
                                            • Apple
                                            • Darktrace
                                            • Dataiku
                                            • DataRobot
                                            • Google
                                            • Graphcore
                                            • Hailo
                                            • IBM
                                            • Intel
                                            • Microsoft
                                            • Tencent
                                            • Artificial Intelligence

                                                Digital Transformation Implementation Best Practice Report

                                                  • Jim Morrish
                                                  • Matt Hatton
                                                  This report is based on analysis by Transforma Insights of hundreds of Digital Transformation implementations around the world. Our team of expert analysts assessed each implementation and calibrated it against our 216 solution characteristics. The aim is to better understand the prevailing trends in technology deployment and to extrapolate best practice.

                                                          Future Technologies Technology Insight Report

                                                            • Jim Morrish
                                                            Future Technologies is the group of technologies that will drive the next wave of Digital Transformation beyond 2030. Whilst these technologies are not yet ready for ‘prime time’ the potential impact of many is unquestionable.
                                                            • Aerogel Technologies
                                                            • Aspen Aerogels
                                                            • Cabot Corporation
                                                            • Canatu
                                                            • Ekso Bionics
                                                            • Etrema Products Inc.
                                                            • Google
                                                            • Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech
                                                            • IBM
                                                            • Nanocyl
                                                            • NanoIntegris
                                                            • NanoXplore
                                                            • OCSiAI
                                                            • Sarcos Robotics
                                                            • SES Research
                                                            • Smart Material Corporation
                                                            • SuitX
                                                            • TDK
                                                            • Versarien
                                                            • Vertellus
                                                            • XG Sciences
                                                            • Future Technologies

                                                                Edge Computing Technology Insight Report

                                                                  • Jim Morrish
                                                                  Edge Computing encompasses a range of concepts, all of which relate to moving compute power nearer to data sources. Edge computing can potentially unlock a host of benefits, ranging from faster response times to optimising bandwidth usage and from ensuring privacy to enhancing the performance of Artificial Intelligence enabled CCTV.
                                                                  • Amazon Web Services
                                                                  • AT&T
                                                                  • Cisco
                                                                  • Cloudera
                                                                  • Huawei
                                                                  • KDDI
                                                                  • Linux Foundation
                                                                  • Microsoft
                                                                  • SK Telecom
                                                                  • Verizon Communications
                                                                  • Vodafone
                                                                  • Edge Computing

                                                                      Below is a list of Transforma Insights' published reports.Our 'Essential' subscribers can access a select sub-set of the report as 'Essential Reading''. Some reports (e.g. Peer Benchmarking) are only available to 'Corporate' users. For details on how to upgrade your subscriptions, check your Profile page.

                                                                      • Technology Insight Reports provide a guide to the twelve technology families upon which we focus.
                                                                      • Case Study Insight Reports analyse the information in the Best Practice & Vendor Selection Database.
                                                                      • Forecast Insight Reports expand upon the data in the TAM Forecasts.
                                                                      • Key Topic Insight Reports cover other interesting and noteworthy topics
                                                                      • Vendor Insight Reports compare technology vendors' capabilities to support on vendor selection.
                                                                      • Peer Benchmarking reports expand on the Vendor Insight Reports with more detailed vendor profiles.