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What's the current state of the IoT connectivity provider landscape...?

JAN 13, 2023 | Matt Hatton
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On the 9th February we at Transforma Insights will host a webinar entitled 'Who's winning the race to become a Hyperscale IoT Connectivity Provider? IoT best practice for CSPs'.

The webinar draws predominantly on the research that we undertake for the regular CSP IoT Peer Benchmarking report (press release of the last iteration is here). The report, which will be published shortly after the webinar, examines the strategies and capabilities of 24 major providers of IoT connectivity around the world (Aeris Communications, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom IoT, KORE, KPN, Orange, Tele2, Telefónica, Telenor, Telia Company, Verizon, Vodafone, 1NCE, BICS/Proximus, Emnify, Eseye, NTT/Transatel, Ooredoo, Sierra Wireless, Singtel, Soracom, T-Mobile US, Telit, Wireless Logic).

This year has been a highly significant one for connectivity providers. We had seen some major acquisitions and integrations (e.g. Sierra Wireless by Semtech, Aeris of Ericsson's IoT assets), the imminent potential spin-out of Vodafone IoT, some significant pivots of approaches from some of the major connectivity providers, the deployment of new value-added services particularly around data analysis, and the growing importance of the IoT MVNOs.

In the webinar we will look at the over-arching trends in the space. In particular focusing on the evolution of connectivity from the physical infrastructure domain to the virtualised service domain (we'll explain more on the webinar), with all the implications that brings.

The current disruption in the IoT connectivity space has every operator carefully assessing their capabilities and oppportunities. And rightly so. If that's your part of IoT, or you're a buyer of IoT connectivity, or just interested in understanding how the ecosystem is evolving, join us on the 9th February.

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