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IoT connections by Industry Sector

OCT 23, 2020 | Matt Arnott
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Ahead of Transforma Insights' webinar 'Forecasting the IoT Market Opportunity' on the 2nd November, here is a a dynamic graphic showing the evolution of IoT connections by industry sector between now and 2030.

The graphic highlights the importance of public projects for driving IoT connections, with the Government and utilities sectors featuring prominently throughtout the forecast. Electricity, Gas, Steam & A/C’s early growth reflects the scale of smart meter rollouts, particualrly in Europe, North America and China. As smart grid projects reach their maturity in the early 2020s the sector’s growth rate slows; allowing non-industry specific, cross-vertical devices to retake their leading position throughout the later stages of the forecast period, driven by Track & Trace and smart building solutions. Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing grows rapidly during the forecast period, but only appears in the top 10 as late as 2026. The sector will benefit greatly from LPWA-connected devices allowing for new opportunities to optimise the production of agricultural goods.”

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