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Webinar: Horizon Scanning for Digital Transformation in 2022

NOV 25, 2021 | Matt Hatton
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Doing your horizon scanning well, i.e. understanding the key technology developments that will affect your business in the future, is a critical part of any company's technology strategy. On the 11th January 2022, Transforma Insights analysts will run a webinar entitled ‘Horizon Scanning for Digital Transformation in 2022’.

In the webinar, founders Matt Hatton and Jim Morrish will look at the technology trends that will be affecting enterprise adopters and the vendor community in 2022. Anyone who is interested in the changing technology landscape (including IoT, AI, blockchain, edge computing and much more) and how it will affect enterprises should tune in.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Which technologies are at a tipping point of adoption in 2022?
  • In which areas will we see breakthroughs in applied machine learning?
  • Which enterprise verticals will dominate in blockchain?
  • Which developments in IoT technologies will be the greatest stimulants to growth?
  • Which sectors will see the most technology investment as we emerge from lockdown?
  • How will the vendor ecosystem evolve across the various technology sectors?
  • How will the increasingly assertive cloud hyperscalers change the market?

The webinar will run at 08.00 Pacific, 11.00 Eastern, 16.00 UK, 17.00 Central Europe on 11th January 2022.

You can register HERE.

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