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JAN 22, 2021 | Jim Morrish

Procurement for Digital Transformation and IIoT

In this blog post Jim Morrish explores the ways in which companies should plan for the deployment of IoT and wider Digital Transformation.
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JAN 21, 2021 | Jim Morrish

Additive manufacturing is a powerful technology, but is likely to play a niche role

Transforma Insights has published an updated version of its Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology Insight Report, covering topics such as 3D printing and onshoring. This blog post explores some of the key digital transformation themes.
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JAN 12, 2021 | Matt Hatton

What is a Digital Transformation Service Provider (DXSP) and how do you pick one?

Earlier in January, we at Transforma Insights published a report ‘Digital Transformation Service Provider (DXSP) vendor selection framework’ which examined the emerging DXSP opportunity. It is the first in a series we will publish looking at which vendors are best able to deliver Digital Transformation projects. In this post Matt Hatton provides a summary of that report looking at how enterprises should go about selecting providers of IoT, AI, and other digital transformation consulting capabilities.
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JAN 05, 2021 | Matt Hatton

AWS re:Invent: don’t make your users change, serve them as you find them.

AWS held its re:Invent virtual conference in December including major news on IoT products and AI services. The big announcements demonstrate how to best address the technology market: don’t make your users change, serve them as you find them.
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