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JUL 25, 2023 | Matt Hatton

The road to ‘Connected-by-Design’ for the Internet of Things

In July 2023, Transforma Insights published a Position Paper entitled ‘Connected-by-Design: Optimising Device-to-Cloud Connectivity’, sponsored by Eseye, in which we outlined the reasons why it is critical for IoT developers to build their applications with considerations of connectivity permeating the development process. In this blog post we examine one perspective on the march towards Connected-by-Design, specifically some of the alternative approaches and the pitfalls associated with them.
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JUL 19, 2023 | Nikita Singh| Joydeep Bhattacharyya

The growing role of Micromobility Vehicles in urban mobility

Transforma Insights’ recent report, 'Micromobility Vehicles: 328 million devices to support the demand for urban mobility in 2032' finds that by 2032, the total number of micromobility vehicle IoT devices will reach around 328 million and the market will grow at a CAGR of more than 50%. Greater China, North America, and Europe will be the three largest markets, and India & South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa will be the other regions experiencing significant growth. In this blog, we have provided a detailed understanding of why and how micromobility vehicles will play a role in urban environments, in addition to discussing the major challenges threatening the market at present.
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JUL 18, 2023 | Matt Hatton

Why does IoT need to be delivered as a managed service?

Today, there is an increasing realisation amongst IoT adopters and vendors that the various constituent elements of an IoT solution must be delivered as a managed service or series of managed services. In June 2023 Transforma Insights published a white paper in collaboration with Telit Cinterion entitled ‘The Internet of Things can only be delivered as a managed service’ which looked at why enterprises should be more selective about demanding a more personalised service and picking their IoT connectivity partners.
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JUL 17, 2023 | Matt Hatton

Use of eUICC to reach 2.4 billion in 2032

The number of eUICC/Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) capable cellular-based IoT connections will grow from 240 million (16% of installed base) to 2.36 billion (40%) between 2022 and 2032, according to the new report from Transforma Insights, ‘Over 2.3 billion cellular connections will be eUICC/Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) capable in 2032’. In this article we explore the drivers of adoption and the evolving dynamics of cellular-based IoT connectivity that will stem from this evolution.
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JUL 12, 2023 | Nikita Singh

Global operator IoT connections top 2.4 billion at end March 2023

Every quarter the Transforma Insights team tracks how many cellular IoT connections are reported by the mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world. At the end of March 2023 that amounted to 2.4 billion connections.
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JUL 11, 2023 | Matt Hatton

6 reasons why device/connectivity bundling makes sense for cellular-based IoT

In this blog post we examine the 6 key reasons why hardware (in the form of modules and gateways) and cellular connectivity might be natural bedfellows, based on a recent White Paper sponsored by Telit Cinterion..
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