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Transforma Insights identifies three strategies for supercharging technical marketing

DEC 28, 2023
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Leading technology analyst firm has published a series of reports revealing provocative new approaches to technical marketing. The new approaches signal ongoing adaptations to accelerating technology markets.

Transforma Insights has unveiled a series of reports focused on innovative approaches to technical marketing. They point to a set of techniques that might be adopted by innovative technical marketers to employ design thinking and knowledge management principles to accelerate their success via a knowledge-to-value creation process.

The three key technical marketing approaches are:

  • Disturbance Marketing. In the report ‘Disturbance Marketing: poking ‘truths’ to engage technologists‘ we examine how technical marketers can leverage market ‘truths’ to achieve company goals. For example, Cassia Networks claimed, ‘Long-range Bluetooth’, KORE is promoting ‘unbrickable firmware updates’ and 1NCE’s EUR10 for 10 years connectivity. This approach identifies specific ‘truths’ that are understood by insiders within a field and then disturbs them through provocative messaging aimed at challenging prevailing wisdom. In contrast to marketing pain points at a market to highlight a product’s features and benefits, the approach leverages the credibility of a market’s insiders. It does so by focusing on the social structures of a market, ‘truths’ originating from within and resonating with professionals in technical fields. The report defines the five essential steps for building a Disturbance Marketing approach: Seek the truth, then disturb it, keep it short, target primal instincts, use insider language, and build customers’ social capital.
  • Using Sales Intelligence to navigate market complexity. Processes for navigating increasing market complexity. Customer feedback is both increasingly valuable, and difficult to acquire. Transforma Insight’s soon-to-be-published report ‘Gathering sales intelligence for technical marketing ’ adopts a pragmatic approach to solving this dilemma. Instead of burdening customers with ineffective surveys, the report walks through ‘elicitation techniques’ for converting existing ‘sales stories’ held by internal sales teams into rapid market insights. The sales intelligence process taps into raw story data, organizes it into information, and by prioritization converts it into useful knowledge for the organization. Useful knowledge examples include, targeting preferred features and benefits in vertical markets, product positioning, and prioritizing product roadmap development based on return on investment (ROI).
  • A critical view of sales funnels. In the report ‘The sales funnel: building momentum, dysfunction, or both?’ we critically examine the role of the sales funnel in supporting company goals. The appeal of the marketing funnel is easy to understand, giving, as it does, an illusion of control over the process of generating and managing sales leads. But it has many weaknesses, not least its inability to cope with real-world complexity and promoting an illusion of control. We propose examining the sales funnel carefully for negative byproducts and instituting feedback processes enhances the ability to manage, develop, and successfully close on sales opportunities.

As well as explaining the three concepts, the reports describe use cases and step-by-step processes to implement the various approaches across disruptive technology fields including AI, IoT, and digital transformation initiatives.

Commenting on the research, VP Research Brad Canham said: “Marketing executives are struggling with the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) characteristics and the accelerating nature of technology markets. Traditional approaches don’t work anymore, and many are realizing simply adding more ‘data’ to data-saturated marketing processes isn't driving the value it once did.

About the reports and authors

The three reports covering these innovative technical marketing approaches are published as part of Transforma Insights Advisory Service. They include real-world examples, ‘wayfinding’ suggestions for navigating the increased market complexity, and critical reviews of traditional technology marketing in search of improvements. In addition, the reports offer step-by-step guides for technology vendors to pragmatically construct more impactful technical marketing campaigns.

Matt Hatton the co-founder of Transforma Insights and Dr. Brad Canham the VP of Research are recognized experts into disruptive technology fields, known for extensive research and its strategic application on AI, IoT, and digital transformation. Their decades-long work into disruptive technology fields and use of ‘The Vision Stack: navigating complexity with knowledge’ has provided invaluable to companies in rapidly evolving technology fields.

Follow up reports and webinars

To complement the reports, Transforma Insights delivered a free live webinar on the 18 December, 2023 available for viewing here: ‘New approaches for technical marketeers: ‘Disturbance Marketing’ and beyond'.


About Transforma Insights

Transforma Insights is a leading analyst firm specializing in research on AI, IoT, and digital transformation. With a focus on innovative approaches like Disturbance Marketing, Transforma Insights empowers organizations to navigate the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies.

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