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Who are the leading vendors in Digital Transformation?

JAN 07, 2022 | Matt Hatton
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In 2021, at Transforma Insights we have undertaken some extensive research looking at the capabilities of dozens of technology vendors in supporting enterprise digital transformation. This has included digging into the capabilities of hyperscalers, consultancies, systems integrators, IT services vendors and industrial technology vendors including AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, CGI, Siemens, PTC and many many more. 

Assessing vendor capabilities in digital transformation

We assessed their capabilites across 11 key technology areas including AI, IoT, Product Lifecycle Management, Distributed Ledger and Edge Computing, examining hardware, software, consulting, application development and numerous other functions.

The chart below is a summary of our assessment of all of those vendors as a % of a hypothetical perfect vendor with market leading expertise across the board. The chart shows our rating for products (including hardware, software and integrated solutions) vs services (including systems integration, application development and related capabilities). 


Siemens, Microsoft and IBM are overall leaders...

Based on our assessment, the overall top scoring vendors in the space (with % scores compared to that hypothetical perfect vendor) are Microsoft and Siemens, tied on 52%, followed by IBM on 49%, AWS on 43% and Accenture on 36%. PTC (35%), Rockwell (33%), and TCS (32%) were the only other vendors to break the 30% barrier.

In the chart we split the scores between services (i.e. delivered for a specific client) and products (i.e. delivered for multiple clients). The hyperscalers (Microsoft and AWS) and the industrial-focused vendors (Siemens, PTC, Rockwell and Bosch) all score strongly on the products axis. The consultancies/SIs (e.g. Accenture, TCS and Deloitte) all score much better on the services axis. No particular surprises there given the relative focus of each of these types of vendors. IBM is the best at spanning the two.

...but the right vendor depends on the project

The key thing to be aware of when considering which vendors to use for which projects is that all requirements are different. While the chart above presents the overall capabilities as they stand currently, for many projects enterprises will want to use a specialist player focused on a particular part of the market such as Ansys or Dassault Systemes for Product Lifecycle Management. In our reports we dig in sufficient depth to be able to identify the best vendors for specific technology areas and for particular functions, e.g. hardware or systems integration. Each enterprise deployment is different and needs to dig into the granular analysis that is included in the reports.

It's also worth noting that the market moves fast. The hyperscalers particularly, and AWS more than the others, are rapidly evolving their offerings to challenge established players in many of the technology areas that we cover.

Want to learn more?

If this is the kind of thing that interests you, you can check out the press releases that we published related to each of the reports below:

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