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How technology adoption will accelerate in a post pandemic world: A first discussion with the IET Future Technology Panel

APR 28, 2020 | Jim Morrish
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Future technology is about more than just IoT

On Friday we announced the launch of the IET’s Future Technology Panel, upon which I’m delighted to serve. The IET’s view is that whilst their engagements with IoT, through the IoT Panel, have been successful, the discussion has in many ways moved on to focus on a range of emerging technologies rather than just IoT. We tend to agree.

As part of the inaugural discussion, my fellow Global Advisory Board member Sir Robin Saxby (ex-CEO of ARM) and I were asked to say a few words from a, well, ‘global advisory’ perspective. Specifically, I was asked to discuss what the implications of the current COVID-19 pandemic might be for the adoption of future technologies. As it turns out, there are quite a few aspects of new emerging technologies that will most likely be significantly accelerated by the pandemic.

How digital transformation might be accelerated by COVID-19

Below are some initial thoughts* on how the market adoption of each of Transforma Insight’s ‘DX12’ technologies might be accelerated:

IET Future Tech Panel.jpg

It has been suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic might result in the adoption of new technologies in the time frame of ‘months’ whereas previously it might have been ‘multiple years’. For some aspects of new and emerging technologies, I am sure that this will prove to be the case.

* Clearly, the pandemic is some way from playing out and there are sure to be a range of other consequences emerging in due course.

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