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The Transforma Insights Blog is where our analysts share their insights on the world of Digital Transformation

JUN 19, 2020| Jim Morrish

PTC sets out its vision for product lifecycle management and the convergence of AI, IoT, AR and spatial computing at Liveworx 2020

June 9th saw PTC's LiveWorx conference 'work-from-home' edition. Jim Morrish comments on their views on dirsruption and new technology.
region: ALL sector: ALL Human Machine InterfaceArtificial Intelligence3D Printing and Additive ManufacturingProduct Lifecycle ManagementInternet of Things
JUN 17, 2020| Jim Morrish

Standards for (and ownership of) Digital Twins

Transforma Insights recently published its guide to Digital Twin and joined the Digital Twin Consortium. Jim Morrish shares some thoughts on standards for DTs.
region: ALL sector: ALL Data SharingInternet of ThingsHuman Machine InterfaceProduct Lifecycle Management
JUN 08, 2020| Matt Arnott

Total global IoT revenue forecast will be $65 billion lower due to COVID-19

An overview of the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on Internet of Things revenue over the course of our IoT forecast period
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of Things
JUN 04, 2020| Matt Hatton

Talking automation, robotics and industrial IoT

At the Automation & Robotics conference in June 2020 Matt Hatton shared some analysis and forecasts on drones, industrial robots, AI and Industrial IoT.
region: ALL sector: ALL Autonomous Robotic SystemsInternet of Things
MAY 29, 2020| Matt Hatton

Huawei Analyst Summit 2020: If all you have is a hammer…

Our views on the Huawei Analyst Summit 2020 as it showcased its IoT abilities and forays into AI, Edge and Digital Transformation.
region: ALL sector: ALL Edge ComputingInternet of ThingsHyperconnectivityArtificial Intelligence
MAY 27, 2020| Matt Hatton

Infographic: Real world lessons in the Internet of Things

In a recent webinar we highlighted some lessons from real-world IoT deployments, and released an infographic. Here's a bit more detail.
region: ALL sector: ALL
MAY 26, 2020| Jim Morrish

Where does the growth in connected devices come from?

Transforma Insights recently forecast 24.1 billion connected devices by 2030, but where do these devices come from?
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of Things
MAY 22, 2020| Matt Arnott

Global IoT revenue set to grow just 5% in 2020 compared to 16% in 2019

An exploration of the first two years of Transforma Insights' new IoT forecast and the impact of Covid-19 on Use Case revenues.
region: ALL sector: ALL
MAY 21, 2020| Matt Hatton

The IoT in 2030: Which applications account for the biggest chunk of the $1.5 trillion opportunity?

On 19 May Transforma Insights published its first full IoT connections and revenue forecast, setting the benchmark for the industry.
region: ALL sector: ALL
MAY 11, 2020| Matt Hatton

If you want a vision of the future of smart home, imagine an industry shooting itself in the foot forever

Following last week's Wink announcement it has become increasingly clear that the failure of the smart home to capture the imagination is largely self-inflicted.
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of Things