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JUN 08, 2023 | Suruchi Dhingra| Joydeep Bhattacharyya

Indoor Vertical Farming and Digital Transformation: A match made in heaven

In June 2023, Transforma Insights published a report, ‘Digital Transformation (DX) in the Agriculture Sector’, which primarily focused on how digital transformation technologies are changing the face of the agriculture sector. In this blog, we discuss one area, the notion of ‘Indoor Vertical Farms’ with a particular focus on the predominant technologies that are currently deployed, sustainability and business benefits.
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JUN 07, 2023 | Matt Hatton

Ten key aspects of the evolving IoT security threat landscape

The security threats associated with the Internet of Things are growing. Enterprises are paying more attention than ever to how to mitigate the growing risk. Transforma Insights recently published a report in collaboration with Wireless Logic and IoT Now called Why enterprises need ‘IoT Security-as-a-Service’. In this blog we explore the 10 key reasons why the threat from security breaches in IoT is growing.
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JUN 06, 2023 | Suruchi Dhingra

Nine key digital solution areas creating value in agriculture

Farmers across the world are plagued with challenges ranging from increasing demand for food, shortage of natural resources, rising cost of labour, and increasing regulations towards sustainable farming. To feed more than 10 billion people by 2050, the agriculture industry needs to increase its production capacity by 70% (compared to 2009). Moreover, agriculture accounts for 70% of freshwater usage globally and 50-60% is wasted due to inefficient application. Digital technologies hold tremendous potential to address these issues and transform the sector by improving the efficiency of farming methods, resulting in better utilisation of resources and energy.
region: ALL Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing technology: ALL
JUN 05, 2023 | Jim Morrish

Proposed AI Regulations: A Mixed Bag of Challenges and Opportunities

As AI technologies are rapidly evolving around the world, regulators are prompted to keep up with a flurry of initiatives regarding AI regulations. Four of the most significant initiatives are in the European Union, USA, UK and China. In April 2023, Transforma Insights published a report, ‘Proposed AI regulations are very much a mixed bag’, which unpicked and analysed these initiatives. This blog summarises each of the four AI initiatives at a high level. We have also included some of our own observations and analyses and conclusions.
EuropeGreater ChinaNorth America sector: ALL Artificial Intelligence
JUN 02, 2023 | Suruchi Dhingra

How IT services companies are using sustainability as a differentiator

Early this year, Transforma Insights’ published a report, ‘Which technology vendors are leading the charge on providing sustainability services?’ which examined the capabilities of fourteen leading IT services and systems integration companies in delivering products and services to help enterprises on their sustainability journeys. This blog post explores some of the key ways in which IT services vendors are supporting sustainability.
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JUN 01, 2023 | Matt Hatton

The ever-expanding functionality of the IoT Connectivity Management Platform

The role of the IoT Connectivity Management Platform is evolving, to the point where perhaps even the term CMP is past its sell-by date. It can be as simple as a SIM management and billing platform, or it can be highly sophisticated including core network functions, eSIM management and even extending some way into the provision of connectivity. We identify seven main types of functionality within the remit (or potential remit) of a CMP.
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity
MAY 24, 2023 | Nikita Singh| Joydeep Bhattacharyya| Jim Morrish

Electricity Smart Meter market is set for a geographic switch

In 2022, Transforma Insightsrevealed that across the globe, the total number of Smart Electricity Meter connections would reach 2.2 billion by 2030. While the growth trajectory of Smart Meters is impressive, the bigger question that looms large is if this deployment is equitable across the globe. In this blog, we will unravel the realities of the regional imbalance and dominant technologies associated with Smart Electricity Meters, apart from their advantages and risks.
region: ALL Electricity, Gas, Steam & A/C Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity
MAY 23, 2023 | Matt Hatton

IoT Connectivity Management Platforms are in a period of transition

The Connectivity Management Platform is one of the underlying pieces of middleware used to support cellular connections in IoT. As examined in a recent Transforma Insights Position Paper it is undergoing a period of significant transition currently. This blog post explores some of the key themes.
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity
MAY 14, 2023 | Matt Hatton| Matt Arnott| Joydeep Bhattacharyya

LPWA connections to overtake regular cellular in 2025

LPWA technologies are set to be the dominant connectivity solution for wide-area wireless connected IoT devices by the mid-2020s. In this blog post we explore the different growth trajectories for LPWA versus the other ‘traditional’ cellular technologies, based on data extracted from the highly granular Transforma Insights IoT Forecast Database.
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MAY 10, 2023 | Paras Sharma| Joydeep Bhattacharyya

Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies emerge as the preferred choice for IoT environment monitoring

In February 2023, Transforma Insights published a report, ‘Environment Monitoring: 80.5 million connected devices by 2032, generating USD677 million revenue’, which primarily focused on how the Internet of Things (IoT) is being used for a wide range of environment monitoring including industrial air, water and noise pollution, nuclear radiation, odour detection, river water pollution and dust monitoring. In this blog post, we examine the reasons behind IoT's application for environmental monitoring, the major technologies involved, governmental initiatives and related business models.
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