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The Transforma Insights Blog is where our analysts share their insights on the world of Digital Transformation

FEB 10, 2022| Matt Hatton

The Internet of Things will dominate Artificial Intelligence

New forecasts from Transforma Insights point at an explosion in the use of Artificial Intelligence for improving enterprise processes and critical systems. The devil is, as ever, in the detail, but the headline is that adoption of AI, measured in ‘instances’ is set to grow ten-fold in the next decade.
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FEB 04, 2022| Jim Morrish

AI and IoT: a symbiotic relationship

At Transforma Insights towers we spent much of 2020 developing some of the best and most granular IoT forecasts that are available. In 2021 it was the turn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be subjected to a similar level of analysis. What were the results?
region: ALL sector: ALL Internet of ThingsArtificial Intelligence
JAN 17, 2022| Matt Hatton

Enterprise IoT adopters increasingly favour platform companies and off-the-shelf solutions

One of the key elements in the evolution of the Internet of Things over the last 10 years has been the ‘platformisation’ of the middleware elements of the stack. This blog post is based on a recent survey conducted by Transforma Insights looking at IoT platform evolution.
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JAN 07, 2022| Matt Hatton

Who are the leading vendors in Digital Transformation?

In 2021 Transforma Insights has assessed the capabilities of a diverse range of vendors in Digital Transformation. This blogpost provides our over-arching view on which are best placed to support enterprises.
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JAN 06, 2022| Suruchi Dhingra

Product Lifecycle Management is a critical aspect of industrial digital transformation

Product Lifecycle Management is a critical element of industrial digital transformation and is a prominent element of our recent Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Service Provider Peer Benchmarking report. This blog post examines the latest trends.
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JAN 05, 2022| Matt Hatton

Top 5 reports of 2021

This blog post ranks the top 5 reports published by Transforma Insights in 2021 based on the number of downloads.
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JAN 04, 2022| Matt Hatton

In IoT, connectivity is becoming a feature not a product

One of the prevailing trends in IoT is that connectivity is increasingly becoming seen as a feature rather than a product in its own right. In this blog post, Matt Hatton explores the findings of a recent survey that support this idea.
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DEC 16, 2021| Jim Morrish

Nine key domains of change in the Insurance sector

In a newly published report on the use of Digital Transformation in Insurance, Jim identified nine key areas where the sector can expect to see change.
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DEC 13, 2021| Matt Hatton

Meet us as CES 2022

Transforma Insights analysts will be attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - connect with us there!
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DEC 01, 2021| Matt Hatton

IoT Global Awards: and the winner is…innovation

The winners of the IoT Global Awards were recently announced. The winners demonstrated the high levels of innovation prevalent in the space today.
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