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FEB 23, 2022 | Matt Hatton

Transport layer orchestration (TLO) is critical for delivering holistic mobile private networks

This blog post draws on work undertaken for a collaborative white paper written with floLIVE on the best approach to deploying mobile private networks
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FEB 21, 2022 | Matt Hatton

Recent KORE acquisition indicative of wider IoT connectivity trends

KORE acquisition of Business Mobility Partners and Simon IoT point to trends in IoT connectivity: vertical focus, consolidation and hardware/connectivity bundling.
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FEB 10, 2022 | Matt Hatton

The Internet of Things will dominate Artificial Intelligence

New forecasts from Transforma Insights point at an explosion in the use of Artificial Intelligence for improving enterprise processes and critical systems. The devil is, as ever, in the detail, but the headline is that adoption of AI, measured in ‘instances’ is set to grow ten-fold in the next decade.
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FEB 04, 2022 | Jim Morrish

AI and IoT: a symbiotic relationship

At Transforma Insights towers we spent much of 2020 developing some of the best and most granular IoT forecasts that are available. In 2021 it was the turn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be subjected to a similar level of analysis. What were the results?
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