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Transforma Insights is a leading research firm focused on the world of Digital Transformation (DX). Led by seasoned technology industry analysts we provide advice, recommendations and decision support tools for organisations seeking to understand how new technologies (such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger, Edge Computing and Autonomous Robotic Systems) and new business models will change the markets in which they operate and necessitate significant internal transformation.

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Overview of our research offering and how to subscribe

Discover more about how Transforma Insights’ services can support your business.

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Best Practice & Vendor Selection Database

Our analysis of hundreds of case studies of technology implementations to support your decision-making.

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The insight you need on new technologies, competitive positioning and diverse other key DX issues.

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Vendor Profiles

Essential insight on the propositions and capabilities of vendors across Digital Transformation.

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TAM Forecasts

Comprehensive quantitative view on the total addressable market opportunity for new technologies globally.

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Custom Research & Consulting

Meeting your requirements for specific strategy, marketing and technology projects.

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We help the world’s leading companies to understand and implement new technologies

Transforma Insights provides tools to help navigate the challenges of Digital Transformation including coverage of IoT, AI, edge computing, 3D printing and distributed ledger.

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Transforma Insights provides market intelligence and strategic insights on the world of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Transformation (DX). Our reports, forecasts and decision tools provide quantitative data and qualitative analysis of these emerging markets. Transforma Insights is the leading analyst firm focused on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation, supporting any organisation supplying products and services, or implementing AI, IoT or DX in their business.


Our decision tools include the Best Practice & Vendor Selection Database which comprises hundreds of Case Studies providing would-be adopters with help in project prioritisation, best practice, key success factors, and vendor selection support, Peer Benchmarking which helps vendors understand competitive positioning relative to their peers, extensive TAM Forecasts of the DX market opportunity, covering the twelve technology families (including highly granular IoT Forecasts), hundreds of use cases across 20 vertical sectors, and Insight Reports providing qualitative guides to the critical technologies and market developments.

All of these tools, forecasts and reports, as well as access to our market leading IoT analysts, AI analysts and Digital Transformation analysts are available through individual or corporate subscriptions to our services.


Transforma Insights has unrivalled knowledge of the Digital Transformation landscape by virtue of the research undertaken to develop our market-leading decision tools. Some of our clients have specific requirements outside of the support offered by these products. If you have a requirement for support in any of the areas of Digital Transformation please get in touch with our Digital Transformation analysts and we will be happy to suggest how we can support you. Some of the typical ways that we can support clients include Strategy Briefings, White Papers and Webinars, Customised Market Forecasts, and Technology Strategy Reviews.