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IBM tops Digital Transformation Medals Table

JUL 28, 2021 | Matt Hatton

With all the sporting excellence being displayed at the moment, we at Transforma Insights thought it was worth taking a moment to examine who tops the medals table for delivering Digital Transformation.

Comparing vendor digital transformation capabilities

During this year we have spent a lot of time examining and analysing the capabilities of technology vendors, systems integrators and consultancies in delivering DX products and services for enterprise customers. You may have seen our two of our recent reports. The first looked at the Hyperscalers: AWS, Google and Microsoft. The second, just published this month, looks at 16 technology vendors that we’re grouping under the title of ‘Digital Transformation Service Providers’, or DXSPs for short.

IBM tops the leaderboard

Based on analysing their capabilities across 93 combinations of technologies (e.g. AI, Distributed Ledger, IoT and RPA), and functions (e.g. software platforms, hardware, and systems integration) we are able to put together interesting rankings. There are many in the reports themselves, as well as comprehensive explanation of how we reached those rankings. But what better way during a summer of sport to look at which companies secured gold medals for their capabilities, being market leaders in particular fields? And with silver awarded for a significant player and bronze for more emerging capabilities. That’s the basis of the ranking below:


About the report

If you want to understand more about the methodology behind our ratings and rankings, the best place to start would be the ‘Digital Transformation Service Provider (DXSP) Peer Benchmarking 2021’ report published earlier this month.

The 158-page report comprises a comprehensive review of the products, services and capabilities or our chosen 16 DXSPs across each of the technology families and functional capabilities. It also includes comparison and rankings of the vendors as well as expert commentary.

The bulk of the report provides our assessment of the capabilities of each of the vendors for each of the eleven technology families and between 5 and 14 functions per technology family. This includes hardware, software, services, consulting, and various other elements. This section was compiled based on extensive desk research and written feedback from the vendors. The section includes an explanation of the rating system (based on ‘Emerging’, ‘Significant’ or ‘Market Leading’ capabilities) and recommendations to enterprises on which vendor would be best placed to support them for different functions within the particular technology family. It also includes tabulated notes on our views on each of the vendors for each of the technology families.

Based on the rating of each vendor for each function in each technology family we are then able to rank the vendors, by technology, by role and overall, for Digital Transformation. For the purposes of ranking the vendors, we apply a weighting for each function and for the eleven technology families relative to each other. The latter is based on the expected investment in that technology family over the next decade. These weightings allow us to score the overall capabilities of the vendors for Digital Transformation as a whole.

As well as the ratings, there are a number of broader intangible factors, such as how easy the company is to work with, the extent of its channels, scale of the company, geographical exposure. These are considered in a further section.

The report is available to ‘Corporate’ level subscribers to Transforma Insights Advisory Service.

The next few quarters will see further reports looking at the capabilities of other vendors against the same universal rating system. The next focus will be on major industrial vendors, including ABB, Bosch, Dassault Systemes, Emerson, GE Digital, Hitachi, PTC, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric and Siemens.

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