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SEP 20, 2021| Matt Hatton

A few tips on best practice in 5G IoT

Last week Transforma Insights published a white paper, sponsored by Sierra Wireless on how to achieve best practice in a 5G enabled world. This blog post provides a summary.
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SEP 17, 2021| Jim Morrish

Markets for NB-IoT might become very concentrated

Jim explores how the NB-IoT deployments will have unique dynamics, and how MNOs and equipment vendors should adjust to reflect it
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SEP 16, 2021| Matt Hatton

Global IoT connections for top 35 operators hit 1.55bn in June 2021

The top rank of 35 CSP groups connected 1.55 billion devices at the end of June 2021. This blog post illustrates the relative success of each of the players.
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SEP 13, 2021| Jim Morrish

Build vs Buy is a key consideration when deploying DX solutions

In this blog post Jim focuses on a key part of any procurement exercise, and one which is particularly pertinent to digital transformation initiatives: Build vs Buy.
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SEP 08, 2021| Suruchi Dhingra

How do Digital Transformation Service Providers measure up in supporting IoT?

On 28th September our analysts will examine best practice in selecting vendors to support digital transformation initiatives. In this blog post we examine who are the leading DXSPs in IoT.
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SEP 03, 2021| Matt Hatton

User Group Live event emphasises the human factors in Digital Transformation

The first Transforma Insights User Group Live event conjured up a lot of interesting discussions around the best approaches to digital transformation. In particular it gave ample consideration to the human factors that underpin the technology. It’s not the tech, it’s the people.
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SEP 01, 2021| Matt Hatton

The five ‘P’s that constrain IoT and necessitate the ‘Thin IoT’ stack

The constraints on how IoT is provisioned consists of what we term the 5 ‘P’s of IoT: power, processing, place, price and proportions.
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