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JAN 26, 2023 | Matt Hatton

9 key themes for the Internet of Things in 2023

Transforma Insights has identified nine trends that will define the Internet of Things in 2023, covering topics such as edge computing, virtualisation, consolidation, deplatformisation and cross-optimisation.
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JAN 13, 2023 | Matt Hatton

What's the current state of the IoT connectivity provider landscape...?

On the 9th February Matt Hatton will lead a Transforma Insights webinar looking at the IoT connectivity landscape. This blog post provides a bit of a taster.
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JAN 05, 2023 | Paras Sharma

The construction industry is embracing digital transformation

A new report from Transforma Insights identifies 9 'domains of change' where new disruptive technologies will trigger change in the construction sector.
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JAN 04, 2023 | Matt Hatton

Top 10 blog posts of 2022

What were the top 10 most read blog post from Transforma Insights analysts in 2022? Topics covered include IoT, metaverse, eSIM/iSIM and buyer behaviour.
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