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Top 10 blog posts of 2022

JAN 04, 2023 | Matt Hatton
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Last week we published a list of the top 10 reports published by Transforma Insights in 2022. Here we list the top 10 most read posts from the Transforma Insights blog. Whereas you needed to be a subscriber to our Advisory Service to access all the reports in the former, the below are all free.

New report ranks the world’s IoT MVNOs - From a report published in 2021, which looked in a comprehensive way at the capabilities of 175 IoT MVNOs. This blog post gave a summary of who we see as the leaders in this dynamic space.

New statistics show cellular IoT connectivity rebounded in 2021 - In this blog post we showed off a pretty graphic of the growth of cellular-based IoT connections for the top 30 global operators.

The metaverse: an opportunity for enterprises? - Who isn’t fascinated by the idea of a metaverse. But what are the opportunities for enterprise in immersive virtual environments. Quite a lot actually, but maybe not how you think…

To spin-off, or not to spin-off. How should CSPs treat their IoT business units? - This blog post was triggered by the speculation about what Vodafone is planning to do with its IoT business unit. It delves a bit into the experiences of other operators and the pros and cons.

Where are the savings in using eSIM and iSIM in IoT deployments? - We released a white paper with Quectel during 2022 looking at the total costs associated with using eSIM/iSIM/RSP and all the various combinations of technologies.

In IoT, connectivity is becoming a feature not a product - One of several blog posts we put out based on a survey we did for Oracle, looking at the behaviour and opinions of enterprise IoT buyers.

What was new in IoT at Mobile World Congress? - We love a big event at Transforma Insights and they don’t come much bigger than Mnbile World Congress. This blog post was a summary of the biggest trends we noticed during hundreds of meetings!

Enterprise IoT adopters increasingly favour platform companies and off-the-shelf solutions - Another one based on the Oracle survey mentioned above. This one looking at how, and from whom, enterprise buyers want to take services.

Which vendors lead in awareness and consideration for IoT projects? - And yet another survey blog post. But this time digging into which specific vendors the enterprise buyers favour, and who they don’t like at all!

The LEO satellite space will be overcrowded, at least for IoT - LEO satellites have had a buzz around them this year. In this blog post we provide a healthy dose of realism about what the opportunity might be.

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