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OCT 20, 2021 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

CSPs need to evolve to ‘Hyperscale IoT Connectivity Providers’ to cope with the trend towards ‘$1 IoT’ for cellular

Cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things has seen, and continues to see, significant price erosion. The analysts at Transforma Insights have recently published a report which proposes a very realistic scenario that within 5 years we will see ‘$1 IoT’, by which we mean that the median price paid for cellular connectivity will be just $1 per year.
OCT 19, 2021 MEF MobileEcoSystem
MEF MobileEcoSystem

How will connectivity providers cope with ‘$1 IoT’?

The use of cellular technologies for connecting the Internet of Things is facing some transformational changes, not least of finding the right pricing model. Here, Transforma Insights founder Matt Hatton explains why he believes cellular IoT is trending towards a $1/year annual cost model, and how providers will cope with the changing dynamics in the market.
SEP 08, 2021 Vanilla Plus
Vanilla Plus

Why 5G Value Plane is now plain to see

Here, Jim Morrish, a founding partner of Transforma Insights, interviews Avishai Sharlin, the general manager and head of Amdocs’ Technology Division to establish the extent of the opportunities that are becoming real across the 5G Value Plane
SEP 03, 2021 Toolbox

'Thin IoT' Will Accelerate Connected Devices in Future

Matt Hatton, founding partner, Transforma Insights, explains the future of IoT lies in accelerated technologies such as Thin IoT stack. Find out what that means.
AUG 30, 2021 Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance

KORE and Everynet Expand Partnership into the U.S.

KORE, a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and worldwide IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service (IoT CaaS), today announced that it is expanding its international partnership with Everynet, the world's largest network operator for national LoRaWAN® networks, into the U.S. at a time when the need to capture and transport small packets of data is growing and use cases for Massive IoT are accelerating.
JUL 21, 2021


Transforma Insights a annoncé la disponibilité de sa page IoT Forecast Highlights. Cette dernière constitue une ressource précieuse pour quiconque recherche des données pour un article, un plan d’affaires ou une présentation.
JUL 20, 2021 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

Transforma Insights makes powerful new IoT forecast resource available for all

Transforma Insights’ new Forecast Highlights page, features regularly updated summary forecasts from our Connected Things (IoT) forecast database, available to anyone.
JUL 19, 2021 Energie & Management
Energie & Management

Netz der nächsten Generation für die Smart City der Zukunft

Lorawan, Sigfox, NB-IoT − an Funknetzen fürs Internet of Things (IoT) herrscht kein Mangel. Mit Mioty kommt ein weiteres dazu und punktet mit besonderen Eigenschaften.
JUN 29, 2021 Electronica AZI
Electronica AZI

Parteneriat între Murata și Pycom pentru reducerea timpului de lansare pe piață a proiectelor IoT

Timpul de lansare pe piață a proiectelor Internet of Things (IoT) va fi redus cu aproximativ 70% datorită unei noi colaborări între Murata și Pycom. Colaborarea strategică reunește moștenirea solidă a companiei Murata în materie de hardware inovator, inclusiv tehnologia modulelor radio IoT și expertiza Pycom în domeniul proiectării și integrării pentru dezvoltarea și extinderea rapidă a IoT.
JUN 08, 2021 eeNews Europe
eeNews Europe

Murata warns on Python IoT wireless kit delays

Murata has teamed up with Pycom in the UK on a Python evaluation kit for IoT projects but is warning that the current chip shortages could lead to longer lead times.