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APR 25, 2022 3G4G Wireless Resource Centre
3G4G Wireless Resource Centre

Edge Computing Tutorial from Transforma Insights

Jim Morrish, Founding Partner of Transforma Insights has kindly made an in-depth Edge Computing Tutorial for our channel.
APR 08, 2022 Toolbox

BORAT, Talent Retention, Cloud Skills to Amp Up Your Career & More: The Best of this Week

This week’s top picks reflect the evolution of work and how the Great Resignation will impact the IT jobs market. A new dangerous remote access trojan (RAT) is available on dark web forums. Next, check out why AWS skills matter more than ever in the cloud era. Industry heavyweight Matt Hatton, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights and Toolbox expert contributor, quantifies the growth and adoption of AI.
MAR 23, 2022

Telefónica Tech continues its shopping spree with Incremental addition

Spanish telecoms and IT group Telefónica is willing to splash the cash to become a major player in the UK IT services market.
MAR 17, 2022 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

Sierra Wireless Strengthens Wholesale Partnership with T-Mobile

Sierra Wireless, a world leading MVNO and IoT solutions provider, today announced an expanded agreement with T-Mobile, the 5G leader, with the largest and fastest nationwide 5G network in the United States, bolstering its global Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity offering via its Smart Connectivity service.
MAR 08, 2022 Telecom TV
Telecom TV

Sparkle lights ups its global IoT service

Sparkle, the international division of TIM (Telecom Italia), has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution designed to help international companies control their IoT assets across multiple countries.
MAR 04, 2022 SDxCentral

Analysts Rip Open RAN Hype From Reality

A group of independent analysts closed MWC Barcelona 2022 with a determination to uncouple open radio access network (RAN) hype from reality.
FEB 24, 2022 Enterprise IoT Insights
Enterprise IoT Insights

Hybrid IoT by vertical market – and how Sidewalk and Helium have blurred the lines

Semtech, which owns and licences the LoRa technology for LPWA applications, says the hybrid IoT trend is real for a number of enterprise sectors.
FEB 10, 2022 Enterprise IoT Insights
Enterprise IoT Insights

The trend for amped-up cross-breed IoT – and tension with stripped-back pure-breed IoT

Is there a trend for hybrid IoT, to marry together different radio technologies to serve different use cases? Well, yes there is; but, then, there always has been.
FEB 03, 2022 Enterprise IoT Insights
Enterprise IoT Insights

What is the net environmental impact of dirt-cheap massive-scale IoT?

This discussion is missing something, of course; IoT is not supposed to be written about as an environmental risk. The idea that billions of disposable trackers might litter the planet is an alarmist angle, arguably, on a tech-for-good story. Because, in most cases, the mission to attach sensors across all of public and private society is geared to drive efficiencies, and in many cases those efficiencies are directly or indirectly linked to energy-burning actions.
FEB 02, 2022 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

AI and IoT: a symbiotic relationship

At Transforma Insights we have recently invested a lot of effort developing a comprehensive set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) forecasts. The approach that we took was bottom-up, seeking to identify where, and why, AI is deployed. In this article we discuss some of the high level results, in particular examining the symbiotic relationship that exists between AI and the Internet of Things (IoT).