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JAN 31, 2023 IT Brief Australia
IT Brief Australia

Eseye’s new software to cut IoT development time by half

Eseye, a cellular IoT connectivity solutions provider, has launched its AnyNet SMARTconnect on-device connectivity software solution. The new solution embeds intelligent, global IoT connectivity directly into any device, enabling organisations to get to market faster and focus on creating value for their customers.
JAN 24, 2023 Enterprise Times
Enterprise Times

Eseye launches AnyNet SmartConnect to deliver agility and scalability to IoT rollouts

Eseye has launched AnyNet SMARTConnect, a new flexible on-device connectivity solution that extends the comprehensive IoT platform that Eseye delivers. Eseye made the announcement ahead of the IoT Solutions World Congress, which will be held in Barcelona from January 31st through February 2nd.
JAN 24, 2023 Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance

Eseye launches AnyNet SMARTconnect™ software to cut IoT device development times by 50%

Eseye, a pioneer of leading-edge cellular IoT connectivity solutions, today launched its revolutionary AnyNet SMARTconnect™ on-device connectivity software solution.
JAN 12, 2023 IoT Now
IoT Now

Migrating from 2G/3G for IoT? Here are the 4 key factors to consider when choosing your upgrade path

In December 2022, Transforma Insights released a White Paper ‘2G and 3G switch-off: what network evolution means for IoT’ in collaboration with Telia and Ericsson, which looks at the implications of 2G and 3G network switch-off for enterprise IoT deployments. The refarming of spectrum is nothing new, with countries such as Australia, Japan and the US having engaged in various such project for a decade or more. However, the pace of such activities is now accelerating, particularly in Europe. The upshot is that more and more enterprises are faced with significant decisions about how to cope with the impending network switch-offs.
JAN 03, 2023 IoT Now
IoT Now

LoRaWAN Expands to Cover Wide Area and Hybrid Networking

As one of the leading providers in the license-exempt low power wide area (LPWA) space, LoRaWAN accounted for around 270 million endpoints as of August 2022. Like any other technology, LPWA is forced to continue evolving with the highly dynamic tech and the business landscape we find ourselves in. As a result, LoRaWAN is also shifting its focus toward a wide area and hybrid networking.
DEC 20, 2022 InforWorld

Moving IoT data with MQTT

Billions of connected devices need to communicate and move data effectively across networks and cloud platforms. Here’s why MQTT is the standard protocol.
DEC 13, 2022 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

Transforma Insights study finds 8 ways in which 2G/3G switch-off brings IoT benefits to enterprises

Transforma Insights recently published a White Paper ‘2G and 3G switch-off: what network evolution means for IoT’. This new white paper details the implications for enterprise IoT deployments of 2G and 3G network switch-off, a process which has been seen in countries such as Australia, Japan and the US for a decade or more and is now rapidly accelerating in Europe. The impact of the retirement of these legacy networks will vary a lot depending on the nature and duration of enterprise deployments, as well as those companies’ degree of preparation.
DEC 12, 2022 Enterprise IoT Insights
Enterprise IoT Insights

MNOs vs MVNOS – who is top of mind for enterprise IoT connectivity?

Earlier this year, Transforma Insights undertook a survey of 1,100+ enterprises in the US and Europe, asking about their buying behaviour and vendor preferences cellular IoT connectivity. As part of that survey, we asked respondents which connectivity providers they were aware of, which they used, and which they would be interested in using in future. In this article, we explore the responses to those questions.
NOV 23, 2022 The New York Times
The New York Times

Can Sensor Technology Help Keep Office Workers Healthy?

Yodit Bekele Stanton worried about her daughter’s debilitating asthma. As a software developer in London, she knew data often held answers that were otherwise unnoticed or unseen, so she put a sensor in her backyard and began monitoring the air quality in her neighborhood, mapping the data against her daughter’s asthma attacks.
NOV 14, 2022 The Times of India
The Times of India

Reimagining engineering education in the 5G Era

There is a long history of communication technologies emerging as an infrastructure for transformative innovations almost in every sector. The development of the printing press in the fifteenth century was the first big industrial innovation in communications that facilitated many scientific, technological, business, cultural, and religious changes.