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JAN 05, 2022 Security Boulevard
Security Boulevard

How to Enable DICE and TPM for Optimal Security

By 2030, more than 24 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will have entered our cities, workplaces and homes, according to Transforma Insights. For years, I have been working to make sure that these devices have a healthy immune system so that they can defend against malicious attacks.
JAN 05, 2022 Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance

MultiTech Launches OneBox™ Kits to Enable Quick Evaluation of LoRaWAN Technology for Building and Industrial Applications

First of its kind, one box starter kit provides quick, easy path to validate the effectiveness of LoRaWAN and roadmap for expansion with no LoRa expertise required
JAN 03, 2022

64% of Enterprises Want an Off-the-Shelf IoT Solution

A recent report shows that 64% Internet of Things (IoT) decision makers at enterprises prefer an off-the-shelf IoT solution over a custom offering.
JAN 01, 2022 Eseye

IoT Leaders: The Decline of Data – Moving from Volume to Value

History is littered with examples of technology companies that failed to adapt when there was a sea change in the prevailing business model. Consider the companies that fell by the wayside when the software industry switched from a per-license pricing model to SaaS. We’re on the precipice of a similar sea change within IoT.
DEC 14, 2021 Investor Place
Investor Place

Samsara IPO: When Does Samsara Go Public? What Is the IOT Stock IPO Price Range?

After a red-hot quarter, internet of things (IOT) developer Samsara is going public Wednesday, Dec. 15. Appropriately, it will start trading under the IOT ticker. Preliminary estimates suggest the firm will grab a $11.6 billion valuation, meaning that IOT stock is in for a hair-raising week.
DEC 10, 2021 Forbes

How To Recognize Security Threats: Are Your IoT Devices Secure?

Any device connected to the internet can be hacked, attacked and misused by those with criminal intent. The number of “things” now connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) is ever-growing. Wi-Fi is the preferred network connection for consumer IoT, whereas, for industrial IoT, cellular is often required. But cellular connectivity poses some unique security challenges.
NOV 30, 2021 Toolbox

2022: The Year IoT Pivots to ‘Hyperscale’

How will the internet of things evolve in the year 2022? Check out a few predictions by Matt Hatton, founding partner, Transforma Insights.
NOV 17, 2021 IoT Business News
IoT Business News

Moving ‘up the stack’ in IoT is easier said than done for CSPs

A previous article on IoT Business News, shared a recent assessment by Transforma Insights of the trend towards ‘$1 IoT’, i.e. that price erosion means that there is a very real prospect of a prevailing pricing model, at least for low bandwidth IoT devices, of $1 per year for cellular connectivity. In the face of this trend, connectivity providers need to adapt their strategy.
NOV 12, 2021 Enterprise IoT Insights
Enterprise IoT Insights

Old habits, new tricks – IoT turns a corner (plus five IoT lessons from those in the know)

A new report by analyst house Transforma Insights for IT hardware and services provider Oracle says enterprise IoT adoption has turned a corner, and gained some newfound maturity.
NOV 12, 2021 IT Brief Australia
IT Brief Australia

Enterprise adopters of Internet of Things want easier path

Enterprise adopters of the Internet of Things are ready to take an easier path, shows a new Oracle survey.