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APR 30, 2021 Smart Industry - The IoT Business Magazine
Smart Industry - The IoT Business Magazine

Digital Transformation: Transforma Insights Rates Microsoft Leading Hyperscaler

Transforma Insights published the report ‘Hyperscaler Digital Transformation Peer Benchmarking 2021’. It analyses the relative strengths of three ‘Hyperscalers’ in delivering Digital Transformation capabilities for enterprises: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft.
APR 28, 2021 Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Microsoft posts 50% Azure growth again as ‘strategic’ cloud and industry deals emphasised

Microsoft has posted another quarter of 50% growth in Azure – with overall revenues slightly down on the previous quarter, at $41.7 billion (£30bn).
APR 26, 2021 198 Financial News
198 Financial News

IoT News – AWS and Microsoft are not yet market leaders in IoT, but soon will be

Transforma Insights lately revealed a report evaluating the capabilities of the three hyperscale cloud suppliers, Amazon Internet Companies, Google and Microsoft, within the provision of instruments for enterprise digital transformation
APR 23, 2021 Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Transforma Insights crowns Microsoft as leading hyperscaler for enterprise digital transformation

A new report has attempted to dive deep into the key capabilities of the three leading hyperscalers – and concluded Microsoft as the overall technical leader.
APR 21, 2021 Smart Cities World
Smart Cities World

Could mass IoT deployment be key driver of sustainability?

Report sets out to explore the impact that new and emerging technologies will have on electricity, fuel and water usage, CO2 emissions, and e-waste.
APR 20, 2021 Mobile Europe
Mobile Europe

IoT will save more than 8 times the energy it consumes by 2030

Research from Transforma Insights, 6GWorld and InterDigital asks whether sustainability could provide the impetus IoT has long been waiting for?
APR 20, 2021 Total Telecom
Total Telecom

Could mass IoT deployment be the key to building a sustainable world?

The report from Transforma Insights and 6GWorld, sponsored by InterDigital, suggests IoT deployment could save eight times the energy it consumes by 2030
APR 19, 2021 Total Telecom
Total Telecom

IoT technology will save more than eight times the energy it consumes by 2030

Could sustainability be the driver for increased IoT deployment that the technology industry has been waiting for? Informed by a new report released today by Transforma Insights and 6GWorld and sponsored by InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC), there’s a case to be made: according to the report, by 2030 IoT deployment and its disruption of various industries is expected to save more than eight times the energy it consumes, result in net savings of 230 billion cubic meters of water, and eliminate one gigaton of CO2 emissions.
MAR 30, 2021 Vanilla Plus
Vanilla Plus

Ransomware halts IoT operations at Sierra Wireless, as maritime industry is hit 1.5mn times in 30 days

The week started with some sensible guidance on cyber security. By Wednesday the theory became a nightmare reality for one of the Internet of Things (IoT) majors, Vancouver-based Sierra Wireless as it was halted by an all-out ransomware attack.
MAR 26, 2021

Telenor looks closer to home for IoT business

Telenor is bringing together its domestic and international Internet of Things (IoT) operations under a single brand, the aptly named Telenor IoT. Telenor IoT will encompass both the telco’s Nordic IoT portfolio and its global Telenor Connexion portfolio.