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APR 29, 2020 | Matt Hatton

The search for a standard for IoT connectivity continues

During the 2010s a host of new IoT technologies promised to make it easier and cheaper to deploy. What is still lacking is an emerging winner in narrowband wide area IoT connectivity. Matt Hatton asks why?
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APR 28, 2020 | Jim Morrish

How technology adoption will accelerate in a post pandemic world: A first discussion with the IET Future Technology Panel

A summary of the presentation given by Jim Morrish at the inaugural meeting of the IET's Future Technology Panel looking at the implications of COVID-19 for the adoption of new technologies. It includes analysis of changing trends in AI, IoT, and numerous other Digital Transformation technologies.
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APR 21, 2020 | Matt Hatton

The First IoT Winter?

The world of Artificial Intelligence talks about going through ‘AI Winters’; we’re probably on the cusp of the third. Could the current doldrums that IoT finds itself in be described as The First IoT Winter? Matt Hatton shares his thoughts based on our ongoing IoT research.
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APR 17, 2020 | Matt Hatton

Amdocs launches new fixed broadband device Doxi, but it’s the HomeOS that promises the most

Amdocs has launched a new product line which it hopes can provide some new capabilities for broadband providers. But it's the software rather than the hardware which will probably take off.
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APR 09, 2020 | Matt Hatton

IoT survey shows strong adoption but a need for more strategic thinking by adopters to really harness the opportunities presented by IoT

Transforma Insights has partnered with Internet of Business to conduct a survey of enterprises and their approaches to, and perspectives on, IoT deployment.
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APR 07, 2020 | Matt Arnott

Forecasting IoT in a world turned upside down by Covid-19

As we build our IoT market forecasts at Transforma Insights, the arrival of Covid-19 has caused massive disruption and triggered wider economic and societal changes. Predicting the future has never been harder. In this blog post we look particularly at the automotive sector which is both a major IoT sector and uniquely disrupted by Covid-19.
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