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JAN 10, 2020 | Matt Hatton

Sierra Wireless acquires M2M Group for a pittance, pointing to a wider IoT malaise

This week Sierra Wireless acquired Australian MVNO M2M Group posing some tough questions for IoT connectivity
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JAN 06, 2020 | Matt Hatton

Who else can take a seat at the deep learning top table?

Following on from the last blog post on approaches by major technology players in AI, this looks at which other companies might be able to claim a place at the top table.
region: ALL vertical: ALL Artificial Intelligence
JAN 03, 2020 | Matt Hatton

Is AI simply a numbers game?

Deep learning demands enormous training data sets. But is it that simple? In this blogpost we examine the approaches of Microsoft and IBM.
region: ALL vertical: ALL Artificial Intelligence
DEC 19, 2019 | Matt Hatton

The most important considerations in data management today relate to sharing

Why is 'Data Sharing' one of our DX12 technoloy families? This blog post explores the reasoning.
region: ALL vertical: ALL Data Sharing
DEC 17, 2019 | Jim Morrish

Additive Manufacturing: To infinity, and beyond

Digital Transformation goes interplanetary with additive manufacturing in space.
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DEC 13, 2019 | Jim Morrish

Might the market for Cellular IoT applications turn upside down?

Are public cloud-based connectivity platforms, such as those from Affirmed Networks and Aeris about to shake up the cellular IoT space?
region: ALL vertical: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity
DEC 11, 2019 | Matt Hatton

The telecoms sector is just another vertical when it comes to Digital Transformation

The telecommunications sector is just another vertical sector whose digital transformation experience is really not so very different from any others.
region: ALL Information & Communication technology: ALL
DEC 10, 2019 | Jim Morrish

Edge means different things to different people

There’s a lot of discussion within the ICT world of edge technologies, and processing at the edge. This blogpost explores the various definitions.
region: ALL vertical: ALL Edge Computing
DEC 09, 2019 | Matt Hatton

Digital Transformation means technology vendors too!

We all know Digital Transformation is mostly about people and processes rather than technology. But that means you too beloved vendors. (A blog that starts with a bit of a rant)
region: ALL vertical: ALL technology: ALL
DEC 06, 2019 | Jim Morrish

Too much Trustworthiness

Following on from the previous blog post on Trustworthiness in Digital Transformation, this one looks at how it's possible to have too much.
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