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DEC 02, 2019 | Jim Morrish

Digital Transformation is a spectrum

Digital Transformation (DX) is the topic du jour but as with most technology concepts that are on the ascendant, a lot of different things tend to get swept up under the same banner. This blog unpicks some of the ideas and concepts that sit within DX.
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NOV 27, 2019 | Jim Morrish

An abundance of Digital Twins

There is a lot of discussion of Digital Twins in the Digital Transformation (DX) space. The concept might at first seem like a simple one, but the underlying detail reveals a lot of complexity.
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NOV 25, 2019 | Matt Hatton

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a useful umbrella term for a diverse set of technologies that can be applied in specific ways to effect a change in the way that an enterprise operates.
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NOV 25, 2019 | Matt Hatton

Why does the world need Transforma Insights?

Obviously when you’re starting a new company there needs to be an unmet need that you’re addressing, otherwise what’s the point? In our case, there were three things that we thought needed doing that other firms in the space weren’t really doing.
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