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Our analysts will participate in the following events. Contact us to arrange a meeting or if you would like our analysts to speak, moderate or chair your event.

Archived Events

IEEMA Digilec Bharat, Transforming Business through Technology

Jim will participate in a panel discussing how new emerging technologies will impact the electricity and electronics industries.

WHEN: 2020-09-24 to 2020-09-25
WHERE: Virtual
ManufacturingElectricity, Gas, Steam & A/C Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivityArtificial IntelligenceHuman Machine InterfaceData SharingEdge Computing

IMC IoT Days - How to choose an IoT platform

At this IoT M2M Council Industrial IoT Day Jim Morrish will discuss how end users should approach selecting the most appropriate IoT platform for their needs. Session starts at 12.00 Eastern.

WHEN: 2020-09-24
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity

Connected Britain

Matt Hatton will Chair the Smart Britain track on the 23rd September and moderate the 15.50 panel on "Delivering a digital agenda to address each city's challenges".

WHEN: 2020-09-23 to 2020-09-24
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL Autonomous Robotic SystemsInternet of ThingsHyperconnectivity

Living Bits and Things

Jim will present including an analysis of ten key technology families: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robotic Systems, Data Sharing, Distributed Ledger, Human Machine Interface, Hyperconnectivity, Internet of Things, Product Lifecycle Management and Robotic Process Automation. He will also discuss first steps for end users looking to digitally transform themselves.

WHEN: 2020-09-23 to 2020-09-24
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL technology: ALL

Digital Transformation – The Next Disruptive Wave Across Industries

Jim will participate in this Industrial Internet Consortium webinar featuring the IIC’s recently published "Digital Transformation in Industry" white paper. Jim is co-chair of the IIC’s Digital Transformation Working Group.

WHEN: 2020-09-15
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL technology: ALL

IoT North

Matt Hatton will be talking about how to use AI, IoT and other disruptive technologies for competitive advantage, based on Transforma Insights' extensive research of real-world implementation.

WHEN: 2020-09-01
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL technology: ALL

5G World

Jim Morrish will chair a session focusing on the Smart City opportunity for 5G.

WHEN: 2020-09-01 to 2020-09-03
WHERE: Virtual conference
sector: ALL HyperconnectivityInternet of Things

Win with Dataops for Industrial IoT. Webinar with Hitachi.

Predictive analytics, operational efficiency, reduced operating costs, and higher quality – the promise of industrial internet of things (IIoT) is real and growing. So what’s holding organisations back? Turns out, “going IIoT” isn’t as simple as adding a few sensor feeds to your equipment.

WHEN: 2020-08-27
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL Internet of ThingsArtificial IntelligenceData SharingEdge ComputingAutonomous Robotic Systems

IoT Slam

Matt Hatton will speak at IoT Slam 2020 on 'The Keys to IoT Success: Learning the Lessons of Real-World IoT Deployments'.

WHEN: 2020-08-19
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL Internet of Things

Leading India's Digital Revolution

Jim and N R Narayana Murthy (Founder, Infosys) will participate in a fireside chat with Shekhar Sanyal (Country Head, IET India). Narayana, who is listed as one of the 12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time by Fortune magazine, will reflect on his journey of developing the Indian IT sector and COVID challenges, and Jim will discuss the impact of COVID and emerging trends in digital transformation.

WHEN: 2020-08-11
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL technology: ALL