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Our analysts will participate in the following events. Contact us to arrange a meeting or if you would like our analysts to speak, moderate or chair your event.

Events in October 2023

Optimising Device-to-Cloud Connectivity: Why IoT needs Connected-by-Design

Join us for a Virtual Briefing on 4th October, where Transforma Insights and Eseye will explore their latest report, 'Connected-by-Design: Optimising Device-to-Cloud Connectivity'. During this webinar, you'll hear from report author Matt Hatton and Eseye's Larry Socher as they discuss the concept of 'Connected-by-Design', its necessity, and how enterprises can leverage and benefit from this approach.

WHEN: 2023-10-04
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivityEdge Computing

IMC IoT Days Fall - Track 2: Convergence: 5G, Satellite, Low-Power

Explore the power of convergence in the realm of IoT embedded systems as 5G, satellite technology, and low-power solutions converge to revolutionize connectivity. Discover how the fusion of these technologies unlocks unprecedented possibilities for seamless, ubiquitous connectivity in smart cities, industrial automation, and beyond. Join us as we delve into the synergistic potential of this convergence and its impact on shaping the future of IoT ecosystems. Panel Moderator: Jim Morrish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights Panelists: - Brian Critchfield, VP of Global Marketing, Airgain - Jeff Noska, VP, High Bandwidth & Fixed Wireless Access, KORE - Gabriel Salvate, Sr IoT Go-To-Market Solution Manager, BICS

WHEN: 2023-10-11
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity

IMC IoT Days Fall - Track 3: Flat-Rate Connectivity Plans for Embedded IoT Solutions

This enlightening session will delve into the revolutionary world of Flat-Rate Connectivity Plans for IoT Solutions. Discover how this groundbreaking approach eliminates unpredictable data costs, allowing seamless and affordable connectivity for IoT devices across industries. Explore the potential of this transformative model to enhance efficiency, scalability, and innovation in the IoT ecosystem, empowering businesses to fully unlock the potential of their embedded devices. Presenters: Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights, Arne Aßmann, VP Commercial, 1NCE, Erik Kling, President & Head of IoT Americas, Vodafone Business, Sean Rudnick, Dir. Deal Management, IoT Services, Telit Cinterion

WHEN: 2023-10-12
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivity

Webinar: IoT's New Narrative for Digital Transformation

As 2023 begins to wind down, considerations for investments and adoption in new technologies for 2024 begin. Economy and technology challenges in 2023 are influencing the direction for 2024, including the trajectory for IoT. Join KORE and Transforma Insights in a webinar "2024 Unleashed: IoT's New Narrative for Digital Transformation"

WHEN: 2023-10-19
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL technology: ALL

Smart Metering: how IoT has changed-up a gear in the utilities market

Matt Arnott will speak on this RCR Wireless News webinar along with Kigen and Telit Cinterion on the latest developments in smart metering across electricity, gas and water.

WHEN: 2023-10-19
WHERE: Virtual
Electricity, Gas, Steam & A/CWater Supply & Waste Management Internet of Things

Webinar: Don’t Let a 2G/3G Sunset Leave You in the Dark

With 2G and 3G networks switching off it is critical for enterprises to understand the best ways to navigate their way through the change. Matt Hatton will join KORE and Cradlepoint to discuss this critical issue.

WHEN: 2023-10-24
WHERE: Virtual
sector: ALL HyperconnectivityInternet of Things

Artificial Intelligence Town Hall: Hype, Harm or Hope?

Brad Canham will attend this event discussing the impact of AI.

WHEN: 2023-10-26
WHERE: Eden Prairie
sector: ALL Artificial Intelligence

India Mobile Congress

Our India-based analysts will attend this major conference focused on the mobile industry.

WHEN: 2023-10-27 to 2023-10-29
WHERE: New Delhi
sector: ALL HyperconnectivityInternet of Things