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Our analysts will participate in the following events. Contact us to arrange a meeting or if you would like our analysts to speak, moderate or chair your event.

Events in May 2021

IoT Solutions World Congress Digital Summit

Jim will make a presentation entitled 'Hotspots in Digital Transformation Today', including discussion of the deployment characteristics and motivations behind a range of use cases incorporating different Digital Transformation technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robotic Systems, Data Sharing, Distributed Ledger, Human Machine Interface, Hyperconnectivity, Internet of Things, Product Lifecycle Management and Robotic Process Automation. The presentation will include the identification of ‘hotspots’: combinations of end-user verticals and use cases where the market is developing particularly quickly, or where the potential is particularly significant. Matt will chair a panel discussion on 'Global IoT Connectivity in 2030 (how do we get there?)' with representatives of Capstone Partners, Libelium and Vodafone. In this session we discussion what the global IoT connectivity landscape in likely to look like in another decade, and what implications does that have for decisions we make today.

WHEN: 2021-05-11 to 2021-05-12
WHERE: Virtual, Barcelona
vertical: ALL technology: ALL

Manufacturing X.0

Jim will moderate a panel discussion entitled Response, Recovery & Reinvigoration - Business Practices During & Post-Pandemic. The panel discussion will focus on new business practices that Covid-19 has spurred. What changes have leaders had to make to data analysis and planning, workforce management, product strategy, supply chain efficiency, and more? The panel will also discuss approaches to building resilience and paving the way for improvements and future growth. Matt will host a discussion room.

WHEN: 2021-05-24 to 2021-05-27
WHERE: Virtual, USA
ManufacturingTransportation & Storage technology: ALL