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Webinar: The complex and fast-evolving regulatory landscape for digital transformation

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Regulations that might apply to digitally transformative applications and solutions are diverse in nature. The concepts that underpin digital transformation enable a complex range of applications and solutions that often draw from multiple technology domains, often rely on regulated connectivity, and often interface with private individuals.

Consequently, many digitally transformative solutions will need to satisfy regulatory provisions originating from multiple domains, along with a new generation of regulations specifically intended to control new and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this webinar, Transforma Insights Co-Founder Jim Morrish will discuss key aspects of regulations in the context of digital transformation, including:

  • Regulatory considerations for different technology groups – Many of the technology groups that are the focus of Transforma Insights’ work give rise to specific regulations focused on those technologies. We will discuss the most impactful such regulations, and also impactful regulations in adjacent areas such as privacy.
  • Key developments in regulations worldwide – The worldwide regulatory environment is anything but static. We will discuss key areas of development for regulations worldwide, with a particular focus on AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity (particularly in the context of cellular connectivity) and data sharing.
  • Transforma Insights ‘DNA of Regulations’ – Transforma Insights ‘DNA of Regulations’ framework is set out below. The framework includes a three-level hierarchy consisting of mostly technology groups, intermediate groups of specific aspects, and the identified regulatory aspects themselves. We will discuss how this framework can help any potential
    vendor or service provider considering selling, or supporting, solutions that
    rely on new and emerging technologies.
  • Operationalising regulatory compliance – Since regulatory environments are not static, achieving regulatory compliance is not a single event but rather something that must be a managed over time. We discuss how such compliance might be accomplished.
  • Transforma Insights Regulatory Database – Transforma Insights has launched a new product, the ‘Transforma Insights Regulatory Database’, to help enterprises and technology vendors navigate their way through the increasingly complex regulatory environments associated with enterprise digital transformation. We will provide a brief overview of the product.

A replay of the webinar is available here: Webinar: The complex and fast-evolving regulatory landscape for digital transformation.

WHEN: 2024-03-27
WHERE: Virtual
vertical: ALL technology: ALL