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Webinar - Resilient IoT connectivity: how to reduce outages, ensure connectivity availability and boost customer satisfaction

There's no question that maintaining the maximum possible uptime is a fundamental part of providing business continuity in 2024. The investment required to ensure customers get a near 100% uptime is as significant as outages are disruptive, even when they occur for just a short time. In this Transforma Insights webinar sponsored by CSL, Matt Hatton and CSL's Richard Cunliffe, alongside an experienced panel of IoT industry experts, will explore the impact of outages and what options there are to mitigate against them without the need for wholesale change. Expect discussion on how carriers are using AI to monitor networks, how the industry responds to disruption and what options exist to minimise that disruption. Topics for discussion will include:

  • What are Carriers/MNOs currently doing to detect problems? How are they coping with increased traffic and demand?
  • What level of investment is required to automate network monitoring?
  • What is the end user impact of just a small outage?
  • What are the unseen, but real operational impacts of disruption?
  • What "resilience" and critical connectivity mean on a vertical by vertical basis
  • Is it possible to add redundancy to an IoT ecosystem by improving the resilience at the thin edge, without hardware or network iterations?
  • Is there an argument to embrace a "standards based" approach to providing "always on" connectivity?

The webinar will take place at 08.00 Pacific, 11.00 Eastern, 16.00 UK, 17.00 Western Europe on 5th February 2024.


WHEN: 2024-02-05
WHERE: Virtual
vertical: ALL HyperconnectivityInternet of Things