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Webinar – Transforma Insights’ annual global IoT market forecast update

Transforma Insights analysts have been forecasting the Internet of Things market opportunity for over a decade. Back in 2011 our analysts’ expectation of 12 billion IoT devices by 2020 was close to the bottom of the league table of predictions but proved to be easily the most accurate. Today as Transforma Insights our team continues to provide the most extensive and deeply researched forecasts of the IoT, making ours the benchmark against which all predictions of IoT market growth should be compared.

On the 13th May 2024 we will provide our annual snapshot of the current state and future prognosis for the IoT market, giving you the most grounded perspective on what we can expect over the next decade. Our leading IoT experts, Matt Hatton, Jim Morrish and Matt Arnott will share our assessments including the following:

  • How fast will IoT connections grow between 2023 and 2033, and what will be the technologies used, from short range to cellular to satellite and everything in between?
  • How do we see the impact of the evolving technology landscape? We will discuss themes such as the opportunity for mobile private networks, 5G, LPWA technology evolution and much more.
  • Where is the revenue opportunity in IoT, and in which applications? This will include analysis of connectivity, IoT hardware and IoT services, a split between enterprise and consumer, and a dive into which applications and verticals dominate the market.
  • Which are the biggest growth sectors, looking at applications and technologies that will see particularly big growth in the coming years, including such diverse parts of the market as livestock monitoring, disposable devices and satellite/NTN, as well as newly prominent applications such as connected batteries, micromobility and traffic beacons?
  • Which countries have the highest penetration of IoT and how will that change over the coming decade? Which countries will see the fastest growth?
  • What has changed in the last year to influence our forecasts? Here we will discuss aspects such as the impact of revised official forecasts for aging populations and the rapidly increasing penetration of broadband.
  • How will AI affect IoT? We can’t ignore AI as a driver of IoT and a factor that potentially hugely influences how IoT might be architected and enables new applications, particularly in the context of constrained connectivity.
  • And finally… we will also discuss a range of our other research that is pertinent to how the IoT market evolves, such as the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, the changing dynamics within vertical sectors enabled by IoT in conjunction with a range of other digitally transformative technologies, changing approaches to go-to-market for IoT vendors, how vendor offerings are evolving in IoT, and other technologies such as eSIM and iSIM. We will consider both how these factors influence the growth of the market and how an assessment of their impact can be enhanced through the use of accurate and highly granular market forecasts.

A replay of the webinar is available here: Webinar – Transforma Insights’ annual global IoT market forecast update



WHEN: 2024-05-13
WHERE: Virtual
vertical: ALL Internet of ThingsHyperconnectivityArtificial IntelligenceAutonomous Robotic SystemsEdge Computing