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Webinar - Communications Service Provider (CSP) strategies for IoT

The world’s leading Internet of Things analyst firm presents the results of its annual CSP IoT Peer Benchmarking research analysing the capabilities and strategies of the leading MNOs and MVNOs in IoT

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Every year Transforma Insights publishes its CSP IoT Peer Benchmarking report, a key part of our Advisory Service research. The report analyses the capabilities and strategies of leading MNOs and MVNOs in IoT, identifying the key developments and appraising the strategies of those leading players. Based on the research we will deliver a webinar on the 1st July 2024 which will examine the key trends affecting cellular-based IoT connectivity.

Key webinar themes

Report author Matt Hatton, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights, will discuss the key themes that define the IoT connectivity landscape today, including:

  • Changing structure of the market, including the approach of different players, evolution in service offerings, relationships between the different types of CSPs, and M&A.
  • Network strategies including varying approaches to the various low power wide area (LPWA) cellular technologies (including NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE Cat 1bis, and 5G RedCap), evolution in approach to 5G, and the roll out of hybrid cellular/satellite services.
  • Approaches to supporting multi-country connectivity, such as the approach to remote SIM provisioning, particularly SGP.32, and the changing commercial models likely to be triggered by that standard. We also compare CSPs’ abilities to address connectivity in challenging regulatory markets worldwide.
  • Middleware strategies, encompassing both the evolving approach to Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs), as well as device management and other aspects of the application development ecosystem.
  • A renewed interest in hardware, with more CSPs focusing on a full device-to-cloud proposition, more attention on delivering gateways and modules, extension into the sensors domain, the enhancement of deployment services, and the cross-optimisation of devices with connectivity.
  • Consulting and contextualisation, looking at how CSPs are staving off price erosion in the core connectivity business by layering on enhanced pre-sales and post-sales support and additional horizontal services, as well as finding new ways to package and promote them.
  • New commercial models, including evolution in pricing approaches, service tiering, customer support, and channels strategies.
  • And much more

The webinar will provide substantial insights into the changing dynamics of cellular-based IoT connectivity and the approaches that the leading MNOs and MVNOs are taking. It will be essential viewing for any enterprise looking to procure cellular-based IoT connectivity, any MNO/MVNO wanting to understand its position in the market, and the rest of the IoT ecosystem seeking to understand the key trends that are shaping the space.

Date and time

The webinar will take place on 1st July 2024, at 08.00 Pacific / 11.00 Eastern / 16.00 UK / 17.00 Central Europe.

About the CSP IoT Peer Benchmarking Report

The Communications Service Provider IoT Peer Benchmarking Report is Transforma Insights annual assessment of the capabilities and strategies of the leading Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs in IoT. Our selection was based on three criteria: scale, ability to deliver global services, and innovation in the service offering. Our aim with this report is to highlight best practice and innovation in the provision of cellular-based IoT connectivity.

This year the report features 25 CSPs: 1NCE, AT&T, BICS, Deutsche Telekom IoT, Emnify, Eseye, floLIVE, KORE, KPN, NTT/Transatel, Ooredoo, Pelion, Semtech/Sierra Wireless, Singtel, Soracom, T-Mobile US, Tele2, Telefonica, Telenor, Telia, Telit Cinterion, Velos IoT, Verizon, Vodafone and Wireless Logic.

Our research has focused on understanding, for each of the CSPs, their performance metrics, organisational structure, middleware (e.g. platforms), core network infrastructure, network architecture, cloud integration, network technologies, approaches to multi-country connectivity, hardware strategy, target verticals, key customer wins, availability of end-to-end solutions, application development, professional services, and channels and sales strategies, amongst other things.

Based on this analysis we are able to identify the key trends that are shaping the IoT connectivity landscape and the CSPs best able to support enterprises in their IoT deployments.

WHEN: 2024-07-01
WHERE: Virtual
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